Development and Reform Commission the development of the western region to give priority to the cons

NDRC: the western development priority to consolidate border security – Beijing, Beijing, September 7, according to the NDRC website news, the national development and Reform Commission issued "on the day before the implementation of the regional development strategy to promote the coordinated development of regional guidance" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). "Opinions" pointed out that the depth of the implementation of the western development strategy will be placed in priority, the construction of a number of major projects to strengthen national ecological and border security. "Opinions" pointed out, will further strengthen the coordination of the East, West and northeast development, actively promote along the river, along the coastal and border areas and important traffic arteries of economic growth with the construction, promote the production factors in the wider region orderly flow freely, and construct new pattern of West and East, North and south to build coordination the development of the. The "opinions" mentioned, the in-depth implementation of the western development strategy in the first place, better play a leading role in The Belt and Road "construction of the western development, the western region to promote the factors of production flow and concentration, to cultivate new economic growth point and growth pole, started construction of a number of major projects, and constantly improve the construction of infrastructure and basic public service level, consolidate the national ecological and border security. "Opinions" that will vigorously promote the old industrial bases in Northeast China revitalization, efforts to improve the institutional mechanisms to further promote the reform of key areas, expand towards Northeast Asia and the European and American countries (regions) of open cooperation, actively promote the structural adjustment of industrial structure, support a single area (city) to accelerate the transformation, efforts to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, foster to enhance the power of endogenous development, efforts to protect and improve people’s livelihood, promote the sustainable development of resource type city. In addition, the "opinions" also mentioned that the central region will further play the unique advantages of the East and the west, connecting the north and south, formulating and implementing a new ten year plan to promote the rise of the central region, improve the policy support system, activate the potential for development, accelerate the construction of an integrated transport system, in order to undertake industrial transfer, and actively promote the new urbanization, deepen the opening of the comprehensive cooperation, further absorb population, industrial agglomeration and enhance comprehensive strength. At the same time, to support the eastern region to take the lead in innovation and development, actively learn from the advanced experience of international efforts to promote the comprehensive deepening reform and institutional innovation, accelerate the implementation of innovation driven development, to further expand opening-up and cooperation, accelerate the establishment of a full range of open economy, and actively explore the new mechanism of co-ordination, better play an important engine of economic growth in the country and radiation the leading role.相关的主题文章: