Depth Sino Japanese New Tank Firepower contrast 99 tanks can easily breakdown opponents

Depth: Sino Japanese New Tank Firepower contrast 99 tanks can easily breakdown of rival China 99A2 tanks, the installation of a world advanced level reached 50 times the diameter of 125 mm high pressure tank gun. Some analysts said the gun projectile, the barrel life of up to 700, than the muzzle kinetic energy of Russia made 2A46M-1 125 mm gun and German made RH-120-44 a big slice. In addition, also equipped with muzzle reference system, the body deformation degree of real-time input of fire control computer, correction of shooting error. Japan’s 10 tanks, is equipped with Japanese made 120 mm smoothbore gun, 44 caliber, is Japan steel developed by the second generation 120 mm tank gun. The first generation of 120 mm tank gun was equipped with 90 tanks in the No. 1 trial car, but failed in Germany and Rhine metal company of tank gun competition, was not adopted. Note: the figure is the fire drill type 10 main battle tanks, the tank gun shooting with a high hit rate and strong field capacity of 10 type with 3 combat bomb, including 10 Type 120 mm APFSDS (APFSDS), JM33 type and JM12A1 type armor piercing anti tank grenade among them, APFSDS is the special type 10 tanks, due to the high energy propellant will lead to recoil shock and bore pressure is high, so in principle the prohibition of 90 tanks using the bomb, and behind the two artillery, 90 tanks can be used, is Germany Rhine metal company development, production license shells in japan. Note: the lethality of type 10 JM33 a stable light tungsten alloy penetrators and tail with Hesh talked about 10 main gun ammunition, currently 10 tanks supporting the "10 Type 120 mm projectile", from the performance indicators, very close to the German armor DM53 may be designed in Germany a licensed product, to estimate to the performance parameters of DM53, expects its penetration ability than 90 tanks equipped with armor JM33 increased by more than 30%. In other words, 10 times the diameter of the 120 mm main gun, if the use of this ammunition, then in the distance of 2000 meters can penetrate the thickness of about 750 mm thick steel plate. According to Japanese media reports said, seemingly little and dainty type 10 is actually 55 times, can be equipped with more advanced guns, which will be further increased to 800 mm armor piercing power amazing! Therefore, although the type 10 appears to be a lightweight tank in the tournament (the standard weight of 44 tons), but relying on advanced technology, strong firepower. It can still the main armor on the most active new MBT, pose a serious threat. Bomb China 99A2 can use the APFSDS, armor piercing shells, grenades and artillery missiles. After the reform and opening up, through the introduction and absorption of Western and Russian artillery technology, greatly enhance the level of artillery design and production in china. So, 99A2 MBT 125 mm guns and ammunition supporting over Russia, reached the world top level. According to the analysis, even if the 99 tanks of earlier versions, with the launch of third generation of tungsten alloy of apfsds!相关的主题文章: