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Danzhai Miao batik culture exhibition to carry out reproduction of Millennium "nest properly" this ancient wind – Beijing batik art heritage site production process Guanghua professor wang. Hao Ye photo batik art second generations of people live demonstration O king plate batik making process. Hao Ye photo batik art heritage batik works. Photo by Hao Ye fusion of modern fashion design elements of the batik cultural and creative products. Hao Ye photo Beijing, Shijiazhuang, September 30, (Gao Hongchao Hao Ye) – Danzhai Millennium nest properly Miao batik culture exhibition of 30 at the opening of the Hebei Museum, a heritage of generations of the "nest tall" (batik clothing) representation and the thousand years of spiral shaped pattern, Danzhai batik art heritage works and the integration of modern fashion design elements of batik cultural and creative products, show the Millennium "nest properly" this ancient style to the audience. In Miao language, "nest", "tall" coat; also, batik, "nest properly" refers to the batik clothes. In the hinterland of Danzhai County of Guizhou Province, Miao women with a wax knife in the hands of the dragon, draw lines, bronze butterfly pattern, vortex pattern, grain, pear Ichthyornis lines, their expression on the world’s imagination also record their national history and culture and traditional arts. The batik art is the earliest human use of printing and dyeing process, this technique is also known as "wearing history". Miao cultural studies scholar Wei Wenyang said, after a change of dynasties, the new process has the Central Plains region will batik art out only in remote minority areas will be preserved, "today," nest properly "pattern after 5000 years before the formation of the style of inheritance now, can be said to" nest "has been properly" history "in the body, it has witnessed China as the ancient civilization to the current development of how." The exhibition site, a piece of exquisite patterns of bloom in the blue batik cloth on, as if in detail the legend of Miao people. Wax, wax and wax…… Dressed in traditional costumes of the Miao intangible cultural heritage heritage site to show visitors batik art, curious people learn skills in their guidance. In 2006, Miao batik art was included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage. The art of third generations of Wang Guanghua told reporters that she grew up with the family of the elderly learn batik technology, at the age of 18, she completed her first work in life — the wedding dress, wedding dress and took 2 years to complete. Wang Guanghua said, for them, the first "nest" contains more meaning. By 27 Miao Miao batik art painting by mother lasted 100 days made of precious batik boutique "Bai Miao map" also works at the exhibition, a total length of 80 meters, 0.8 meters wide, consisting of 82 images, a collection of 540 characters, vividly demonstrates the Guizhou Yi and Miao, Buyi, Dong national agricultural labor, production and life of the scene. The exhibition by China, jointly organized by the union of anthropological and ethnological studies Chinese National Museum, Hebei Museum, Guizhou province Danzhai County People’s government, the Ministry of industry and information technology industry culture development center. (end)相关的主题文章: