Cotton ginning factory textile enterprises in fierce competition in the two days of hot and cold seaway

Cotton ginning factory textile enterprises in fierce competition in the "two days of hot and cold" Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Recently, cotton ginning factory in the wind intensified today, Akesu seed cotton purchase price in 7.3-7.4 yuan kilograms, equivalent to lint prices in more than 15200. Korla has a small number of plants received 7.5 kg, equivalent to the cost of more than 15500. Currently Xinjiang hand picking cotton are higher than 7 kg. In this regard, cotton ginning factory is also very helpless, they think "capricious" cotton rose, mainly due to the following factors: 1) in southern part of August suffered more rain, hand picked cotton listed later and currently smaller, causing the market resources co.. But Xinjiang’s cotton ginning factory this year than last year about more than and 100, there are some mainland enterprises in Xinjiang bag factory, ginning factory "started no turning back, although the seed cotton purchase prices continue to rise, but the enterprise in order to maintain production can only follow the harvest. 2) Xumian processing plant of seed cotton price sensitivity is lower than that of textile enterprises, currently has just to be a part of the order, to support the formation of the seed cotton price. 3) cotton reserves out of the auction hot spot cotton prices higher. At the same time, cotton reserves round out the end soon, the new cotton to become the main force in the cotton market "". Some enterprises this year on the Xinjiang cotton area and production of doubt, gambling, cotton prices continue to rise. 4) take more and more hedging this year cotton ginning factory processing, edge acquisition while machining by locking the hedging cost and profit to rest assured purchase. 5) in the "labor shortage" phenomenon still outstanding. The cotton boom is also pulling the lint prices, cotton ginning factory will face what kind of situation? Compared with the cotton textile enterprises with vigour and vitality of World War II, will be what kind of attitude? (cotton information network) agricultural products purchase network trading platform provider 16988- national agricultural commodities; [sugar, oil, corn, soybean, wheat, cotton, soybean meal] free resource release, purchase and docking; quote – click to view the quotation, the bulk of agricultural products into the market [shares] discuss Sina Finance相关的主题文章: