Consulate General of New York held China freshman meeting (Photos) – International – ca1816

Consulate General of New York held China freshman meeting (Photos) – International – in New York in September 12, with the rise of international tide, more and more students go abroad Chinese. The safety problem of foreign students in foreign countries has become a concern of every household. Today, the Consulate General in New York to China safety education as the theme, held a meeting to study the new China open up a fresh outlook, more than 160 new representatives from 14 universities participated in the meeting. At the meeting, the Consulate General of the new students to study abroad and other aspects of learning and life should pay attention to the problem, earnestly hope that students can study abroad, study abroad, study abroad. Chinese Consul General in New York, Zhang Qiyue will meet with the new students, she said, in recent years, Chinese students continue to increase, only in New York Consulate General has about 100000 Chinese students. Zhang Qiyue said that in the United States can not only increase their abilities, can continuous development of Sino US relations and exchanges witnessed and experienced in various fields. She wants students to cherish the opportunity, the opportunity before, try to become a skill, character and play talent, not only to learn the skills, the realization of "ego" and the pursuit of the goal, but also to promote students patriotic excellent achievement is the glorious tradition of "I" to contribute in the historical process of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in the meanwhile, Sino US youth friendly exchange personally be a good angel. Zhang Qiyue also said that the Consulate General is very concerned about foreign students. The meeting will be held, mainly to introduce students to study some of the problems of learning and life should be noted that we can safely study, study abroad, study abroad. The meeting was presided over by China Consulate General in New York education group Xu Yongji counsellor, China Consulate General in New York Education Group Senior Consultant Peggy Blumenthal, American Association for International Education publicity, New York China Consular Service Center Foreign President Qiu Ning, Wang Hanbin lawyers, important content were taught international students studying in the United States, for the relevant legal knowledge life and Study on consular protection knowledge and services etc.. At the meeting site, the new students to have the opportunity to come to the Consulate General to participate in this event is very excited. Many students said, just came to the United States, the beginning of the school was so comprehensive and in-depth information, very useful, this is the consulate of the majority of students warm meticulous care, care is also for our country students. From the Columbia University student Huang Siqi said at the meeting, we have to open the key to a better future, but lay at our feet, and it will be a thorny and tortuous road. The road is long and winding, the next few years of student life will become our life an important sublimation, we will study their professional interest, improve their social value; as a Chinese, we should always have a sense of national honor, seize every opportunity for. (Xie Rongzhen) share to: (commissioning editor: Qin Boya, Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: