China’s top 500 enterprises have expanded the loss of total factor productivity is the cause

Chinese enterprise 500 strong loss widened   total factor productivity is low — energy causes — original title: People’s Daily: Chinese enterprise 500 strong loss to expand the total factor productivity is low is the cause Chinese enterprise 500 the number of finalists the world’s top 500 for tenth consecutive years of growth, but the loss is increased five hundred how to reduce puffiness (observation) reporter Lu Yanan went to the "China 500 list is the moment. In the case of China’s top 500 enterprises operating income negative growth for the first time, the number of Chinese companies shortlisted for the world’s top 500 consecutive years of growth, reaching 110 units in. China and the United States has accounted for nearly half of the world’s top 500 companies, reflecting the changes in the world economic structure and the center of gravity. However, a real estate, steel and coal, nonferrous metal industry occupies a very prominent position in the cluster Chinese large enterprises, how to remove the "puffiness", become "big and strong", there are a lot of things to do." Miu Rong, chief researcher at the China Enterprise Federation research. Chinese 500 and 500 of the world body mass gap between the enterprises on the list more, to enhance the overall ranking, but the feature of "big loss" obviously while the global economy is in the depth of the adjustment period, but the world’s top 500 list of the Chinese large enterprises, still produce dazzling transcripts. Body mass growth faster. Change trend since 2011, global enterprises gradually enter the expansion slows, the world’s top 500, top 500 U.S. and China 500 operating income growth rate showed a declining trend, but 6 years China 500 strong revenue growth has been higher than the world’s top 500 and top 500 u.s.. Compared with the 2008 list, China’s top 500 operating income and assets grew by about 1.7 times and 2.7 times, while the world’s top 500 operating income and assets were only increased by about 17% and 12.9%. List the number of more. State Grid to $329 billion 600 million operating income among the world’s top 500 list of the top second, second only to the multinational retail giant WAL-MART, China Petroleum, Sinopec is separated by the number of third, fourth. From the scale, the total number of companies on the list for tenth consecutive years of growth. Top ranking former. In the top 110 list of the world’s top 500 Chinese enterprises, in addition to the new list of enterprises in the top 13, there are more than 73 Chinese companies rose, with an average of up to 43.1 place. Science and technology enterprises brisk. In this year’s list, HUAWEI and Jingdong are particularly eye-catching. The former is nominated for 6 consecutive years; the latter for the first time to enter the world’s top 500 ranked 366th in breaking the throne, our long-term absence of the world’s top 500 Internet companies Chinese. However, the new list of Jingdong is still a loss of $1 billion 492 million, is the list of Chinese companies in the top second loss making enterprises. This "great loss" and "puffiness" constitution, reflects China short board 500 strong. 500 of the overall volume is not small, but the loss, the loss continues to expand. 2016 of China’s top 500 enterprises in the loss of 72, an increase of over the previous year, the loss of the face of the 14.4%; 15相关的主题文章: