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Rebellious children is a headache, in fact you do be better – the Sohu | the son mother adolescent children by psychologists become an urgent storm rain passers-by, they are in a critical period of life, the slightest mistake could go astray. But because their hearts in the closed stage, there are many words to my mother and said do you want to have a heart to heart talk with him, he will give you fun or silent like meeting with heads of state. If you give him a reason, in addition to the stinkeye, is impatient: "I know, you don’t bother, leave me alone". Some children even lose their temper, and dad fight. My cousin has always been a good child, learning friends never let people worry, but recently I heard that cousin unexpectedly and several students ran away from home, his mother was weeping at home all day gas. Later I learned that since my cousin after junior high school, do not know how often and in the class troublemaker play together, also learned to smoke, last month, the cost of living in the light, his mother did not ask how to spend so quickly, he shouted "I am not your son. Give me a few cents also". This time is go to rob the lower grade child’s money and several social punks, let parents get called after school, his father know directly after beating, and that several classmates go out, did not go home for a few days. I wonder, the power of puberty is also too strong, the students to a gentle kind and sensible good child to engage in such a way, if not good guidance, the child is not finished. I think a lot of mothers will encounter this problem, the child grew up, very disobedient, three words on the door to fall. Mom, it’s because you’re doing too much, too little. Here is not to speak to the parents of the child to speak the truth, but to communicate with their children. This time the child’s self consciousness is life in the most prosperous period of time, they want to be masters of their own, do not love others too much interference in his affairs, if the mother is always in front of the children stop complaining, it is easy to cause the child’s resentment, a long time, the child will feel and you can’t say then, effect of parent-child relationship between you. In fact, sometimes the child and mother not willing to tell the truth, because your relationship is not close, if the mother took the child as their friends, and children can usually talk about the news, such as: what is the release of the film the children love star, the recent Olympic Games have what will flash in bursts of Fu Yuanhui on a star broke the divorce news children is how to read, if you encounter this kind of thing to do…… anyway, mom must respect the child’s thoughts, don’t let the children feel the relationship between you and him is the authority and obey the. When the child does not feel the gap between you and say, your reaction is not to beat him or quarrel with him, but with him to think of a way, you have a great success in education. Conducting children love to beat is because of what? What’s the matter with the child’s temper? Children always love to watch TV play相关的主题文章: