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Child myopia, they turned out to be at work – Sohu [laughs] every one child didn’t know you were in that shop selling real estate received telephone, is how to refuse the other. Anyway, I say: sorry, I am not interested in the domestic market. [text] lack of trace elements why susceptible to myopia? Modern research shows that myopia except for heredity, near load, social and environmental factors, and also lack of trace elements, especially the lack of calcium and zinc. Data show that high glucose and high protein diet can promote the occurrence and development of myopia. This is mainly due to a large number of sugar and vitamin B metabolism in vivo, resulting in excessive consumption of vitamin B, the effect of calcium metabolism, the content of collagen of eyeball wall elasticity and scleral tissue in lower, longer, resulting in myopia eyes?. In addition, calcium is one of the most active elements of the human body, the muscle stress, nerve impulses and other physiological processes play an important role, therefore, firmness and elasticity, normal and trace elements can maintain eye sclera of the lack of easily lead to eye fatigue, and the development of myopia. Determination of the Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and Treatment Center had more than 5830 cases of children with ametropia related to various relevant content of trace elements in the hair. The results showed that patients have different degrees of myopia eye most of the calcium and zinc deficiency, especially calcium deficiency, therefore, can be regarded as one of the important factors of myopia induced by calcium deficiency. Children lack of trace elements of calcium zinc to Sibu? In order to prevent myopia and myopia, suggested that parents should supplement the trace elements of calcium, zinc and other appropriate for children in the daily diet. For example: fish, small shrimp, shrimp, crab, kelp, spinach, bone, soybean, walnut, peanut and other food rich calcium; fish, oysters, lean pork, beef, mutton, animal liver, kidney, eggs, cocoa, milk, peanut, soybean, walnut, meal and other food rich in zinc. However, the addition of trace elements must also be under the guidance of professional doctors regularly, can not be arbitrarily fill, otherwise prone to side effects. In addition to the lack of calcium, zinc and other trace elements are susceptible to myopia, what other factors can also cause myopia have? A, genetic factors: myopia has certain genetic predisposition, have been recognized, especially for high myopia. But for the general myopia, this tendency is not very obvious. Two, growth factors: infants eye small, so are all far sighted, but with the increase of age, eye axis gradually lengthened to puberty with normal development, such as excessive development, is the formation of myopia, such as myopia myopia, multi start in school age. Three, environmental factors: 1, outdoor activities too little time now living space is too small, the children are indoors most of the time, when a lot of close eye, and the child’s eyes adaptability is very strong, it will adjust to the near distance. Moreover, more time in the house, watching TV, playing computer opportunities will increase, if you do not pay attention to the distance, posture, it is easy to let the eye fatigue. 2, indoor swimming!相关的主题文章: