Chicken Littles Are Running

Small Business Joe the plumber, Tito the builder, Nancy the nurse all convinced us that there is plenty to be concerned about in running our small businesses during the next administration. We worry about increased taxes, increased regulation and increased prosecution. We should be concerned. We were told during the campaigns that all of the above were going to be implemented. We were going to have to pay more in taxes. There were going to be more regulations and the regulators would be having much more leeway in going after noncompliance. Legislators tend to react to crisis situations, real or imagined, by instituting more government control. This financial meltdown is real so the control will be greater. Throughout the conversations about bailouts and finger pointing and excuses, we heard the mantra that we need more regulations. Unfortunately for small business, the words they use defining who is to be regulated dont mean what we think they mean. Stronger regulations for financial institutions include the contractor who accepts payment as the job progresses. We have to pay attention to what the lawyers and legislators think the words mean. We do have a few saving graces. Firstly, there really are too many of us for there to be a comprehensive crackdown. In most cases regulators find violations when the noncompliance causes a problem. An OSHA investigation is triggered by an accident. ADA violations are often discovered in the process of an attorney suing on behalf of disabled plaintiffs. The EDD has their cases brought to them by angry employees or ex-employees. Governmental agencies rarely go out searching for noncompliance. They dont have to, the violations come to them. This is good news in that we dont get bureaucrats randomly snooping through our businesses. But it is bad news that regulators have a volunteer army doing the footwork for them. Given that, indications are that the new administration is going to be concerned with correcting the current financial situation. Further hurting the sector that provides most of the tax base and jobs, i.e. small business, seems contraindicated. We will probably be left alone for a little while at least while things stabilize. That reprieve does not extend to plaintiff attorneys out looking for the next lawsuit they can file. This has been the easiest way for regulators to find violations and will continue to be. This aspect does not change from the present administration to the next so is really a wash for us now. We need to be aware of this problem, but nothing changes. Sothe bottom line is that we need to be diligent about compliance. We need to have a culture of regulatory awareness and a commitment to try to be as compliant as possible.. Having said that, we have the same rights as the complainants. It may be more expensive but we have every right to defend ourselves including doing so in front of a judge. Mostly, however, our first and most important reaction to whatever changes may come, is to run our businesses. The U. S. economy, and therefore the global economy cannot recover without the cooperation and indeed without the participation of Americas small business owners. The length of time that this financial downturn will take to recover will ultimately be determined by small business. As has always been, we are most responsible for employment. We are the largest tax base and we provide the ability to achieve the American dream. I often wonder about how the story ends if Chicken Little was right and the sky was actually falling. Does her hysteria change anything? I really dont think it is the case now, but whether it is or not, we do what we need to do. We run our businesses as best we can in whatever the situation we find ourselves. And the sky cant fall yet; I have too much work to do! Karen Dennison is helping small business comply with state and federal regulations. For you free regulations checklist, visit ..ican.ply.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: