Check Out Your Favorite Latin Stars With Wireless

Music If you are into Latin music, there is thankfully more of a market than ever for Spanish-language music in the United States. From radio stations that play cumbia and reggaeton to television channels that play telenovelas and read the news in Spanish, it can feel like there is just as much content available en espaol as in English! But if you have more than a fleeting interest in Latin culture, you are probably going to have to go beyond the confines of traditional media to satisfy your interest. This is what having a wireless Internet connection in your home is so great for. You can use your .puter or your 4G phone to watch videos, read artist biographies, download music, and order CDs and concert DVDs to be sent to your house, amongst other activities. So the next time that you are looking for a video to watch on your 4G phone while you wait for your dentist appointment, consider one of these Latin music stars. 1. Charly Garcia Charly Garcia is a name that might not be recognizable to most North Americans, but in Argentina and in other Spanish-speaking countries, he is considered a genius father of Latin rock. With a career that has spanned three decades and a penchant for doing crazy things, like jumping out hotel windows into pools, Garcia has had one of the most distinguished music careers in world history. With wireless Inter., you can watch some of his great and totally dated videos from the 80s. The special effects may not have held, but the music lasts. Check out songs like Estoy Verde and Ojos de Video. You can see his manic energy pulsating through every note. Just watch out: you might get addicted! 2. Fausto Mio This Ecuadorian pop star manages to be clean/cut despite having a ponytail. Fausto Mios songs are cheery in tone and attitude, despite quite frequently being about relationship woes and other typical sad topics. Mio is a true star in his home country, even making an appearance in the great road-trip movie Que Tan Lejos as a rabid soccer fan (the film is worth watching on its own, even if you do not happen to be obsessed with Mio. Check out Someties OK for his biggest hit and do not worry if you are looking to practice your Spanish, as only the title is in English! 3. Christina Rosenvigne Rosengine is a Spanish artists and guitar player who was born to a father from Denmark and a mother from the United Kingdom. Born in 1964, she originally grew to fame as part of Christina y Los Subterraneos, but eventually moved on to a solo career with a little help from Lee Renaldo from Sonic Youth. She has been living in New York since 1999, and occasionally produces work in English. 4. Daddy Yankee Daddy Yankee is one of the biggest reggaeton stars of his day, and has produced some of the greatest club songs that you will hear playing in Latin discotecas in the United States and throughout the Americas. Check out Llamada de Emergencia and Gasolina to hear his biggest hits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: