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The charm of blue 5 started: "colorful" cover + fingerprint recognition technology geeks Park – Sohu micro signal: geekpark 5 mobile phone manufacturers as a charm blue in the concert of the best companies in the afternoon of 31 Meizu yesterday opened a "Charm Blue Night" concert. Gap in the concert, the charm of blue by the way, released a thousand dollar machine new Charm Blue 5. Colorful plastic body does not know whether it is because the number 4 is not auspicious, Meizu jumped the Charm Blue 4 this name, the new name directly to the charm of blue, blue, and so on. And six months before the release of the Charm Blue 3 compared to the charm of blue screen in the size of the increase in the number of, from blue charm of the blue 3 to an increase of up to 5.2 inches, the resolution is still 720p. On the back cover material, and 5 blue charm Charm Blue 3 as the polycarbonate. However, in the process, there are still some changes in Charm Blue 5. We get the gold version of the Charm Blue 5, it’s the back cover to do some granular treatment, at first glance, some of the feelings of metal sandblasting, but still feel relatively smooth plastic. In addition, at the conference site we also experience the white version of the charm blue 5. And the gold version is different, the white version of the continuation of the 3 kind of Charm Blue feel warm bright plastic, and similar to iPhone 5c. In contrast, I personally prefer the white version of this approach. In addition to gold and white, the charm of blue 5 and mint green, sapphire blue, matte black three colors. But in the conference’s experience in the area, and we do not see the three colors of the prototype. Not surprisingly, the first batch of sales of blue 5 should be the gold and white color of these two. The basic configuration is "Charm Blue", we take a look at the charm of blue 5: SoC: MediaTek MT6750: 2GB 3GB LPDDR3 running memory storage capacity: 16GB 32GB, support Micro SD card screen: 5.2 inch, resolution 1280 × 720, PPI 282, 2.5D glass rear camera: 13 million pixels, 2.2 f aperture. Double color fill light front camera: 5 million pixels, 2 F aperture battery: 3070mAh battery: 5V 1.5A body weight: 138g body size: 147.2mm × 72.8mm × 8mm operating system: Flyme 5.2 (YunOS based 5.1.1) other positive press type fingerprint identification, dual card dual standby full Netcom, Micro USB interface, no infrared, no official NFC price: 699 yuan (2GB + 16GB) 899 yuan (3GB + 32GB)相关的主题文章: