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Home-and-Family Green issues and climate change have been big news for some time now and this is set to continue and if youre interested in making a tangible difference, doing something which allows you to see the positive effects of your actions on other people, then take the first step towards tackling global poverty and climate change by checking out charity mobile phone recycling. Its a simple process whereby you request as many bags as you need from the charity or organisation in question and when they arrive you simply place your fully working mobile phone or phones into the freepost bags provided and post them back. The problem with some climate change initiatives is that they dont engage people on a realistic level, in other words, people are asked to take certain actions but are not given the potential concrete results of these actions and as such, it can be difficult to get people to .mit. One of the great things about charity mobile phone recycling is that all it requires you to do is give away something that you dont use anymore and that would otherwise sit in a drawer and in doing so, youll know that your actions will make a real and positive difference to someones life. To put the differences into real terms, one mobile phone (which is in fully working order) could raise enough money to buy an African family affected by HIV two bags of seed, which will enable them to grow their own food and have enough strength to live healthy lives with the disease. This seed is a way to help the 85 per cent of people in Africa who work every day to try and survive on subsistence farming. Subsistence farming is the name given to farming where all the crops and livestock are grown and raised almost entirely to feed the farmer and his family and virtually none is left from which to make an in.e. Two working mobile phones could help to raise enough money to organise drama workshops which will have the aim of educating the people of Africa about the dangers, spread and prevention of HIV and AIDS. This may not seem like a particularly relevant use of money when the majority of the UK population can read and write but in Africa, where the opposite is true, these workshops are an effective way to spread important information and messages and potentially save lives in the future. The donation of six working mobile phones to a charity mobile phone recycling scheme could be enough to pay for packs to give to aid workers in Africa which will enable them to educate and provide for entire .munities affected by HIV and AIDS. While these are only examples of what charity mobile phone recycling can achieve, they are pretty good reasons to send your old mobile phone off and make a positive difference. And by doing so, youll also be avoiding topping up the landfill with mobile phones which contain small amounts of elements that can be poisonous to the natural environment and the negative effects of which are on the long list of climate change facts which we should all be working hard to shorten. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: