Changsha, a car park glider flight 10 meters altitude crash injured 3 people sunny came home

Changsha, a car park glider flight 10 meters altitude crash of a loss of more than 3 people [Abstract] yesterday, a scenic spot in Changsha occurred in the vicinity of the wing gliding accident, the tourists and 1 pilots were injured, the ground was damaged 4 cars. The investigation, or due to improper operation of the pilot and the accident affected by wind direction. Original title: Xunlong River parking lot gliding flight 10 meters altitude fall caused 3 people were injured Changsha palm Changsha October 6th evening news today morning 9 am, Changsha County Xunlong river ecological scenic perimeter parking lot near the town of art, a company of the accident glider flight experience, with 1 pilots and 2 passengers the glider fails, falling from a height of 10 meters, in which three people suffered minor injuries. Witnesses said Mr. Chen, the day he took the child to the Xunlong River scenic spot, in the parking lot found a van surrounding Wai Man, approached a look, is hang gliding experience project company, 300 yuan, 500 yuan and 2 adults with children, because the glider flight project very strange, attracting many tourists, including a pair of mother and daughter to sign up. "When the glider flew halfway to the ground, there was a problem. It fell off the intended landing area, fell to the parking lot, and scraped off the 4 vehicle." Chen said that the little girl was only 2 years old, was a great shock, her mother kept calm at one side. After the incident, scenic security personnel rushed to the scene to maintain order, and call the 120 emergency call, Xingsha ring Department of orthopedics hospital medical staff rushed to the hospital after the rescue of the three. After preliminary examination, nasal bone, scapula pilot suffered minor injuries, the need for further treatment, and mother and daughter two people a few bruises, an ankle sprain, but fortunately did not cause illness, treatment of the wound after discharged. Xunlong Hejing district responsible person told the reporter, Xunlong river ecological art town through the record passenger platform recruited some autonomous passenger record project, the gliding project belongs to companies in the small holiday period to test their scenic spot, the scene after the investigation found that there are some security risks, and the project procedures are still relevant handle, banned the company operating in the area. However, during the national day, the company’s staff to enter the scenic area as a tourist scenic spot, while property personnel do not pay attention to, in the parking lot near the periphery of unauthorized flight, and charge a fee to the tourists, illegal operations, after the investigation, the test process, the pilot operation is not affected by wind direction and when the accident falling injuries. At present, scenic spots have been found through radio 4 vehicles damaged car owners to coordinate the company to damaged vehicles and 2 injured tourists for the corresponding compensation, and to prohibit the company sent a letter again scenic flight. At the same time, the scenic area will strengthen security work, the creation of a careful inspection of passenger items to ensure the safety of tourists. (Palm Changsha correspondent Zhu Yanhuang correspondent Sheng Lei)相关的主题文章: