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News-and-Society Amanda was raped when she was very young, and that horrific incident has left an indelible mark on her personality and the rest of her life. She was still very careful with people she didn’t know, and scared of even the smallest change or uncertainty. Yet, this addiction to safe, chartered territories often made her feel lonely and empty inside. She wanted to get close to people, knowing there were far more good people in the world than bad, but something still held her back. Years came and went, and nothing changed. Until the day Jake came to work in her office building. Amanda knew she immediately liked something about this new guy; he was so sweet and friendly. He appeared to like her too, taking every chance to talk to her and inviting her to various social events, but Amanda knew better than to trust anyone she didn’t know well, so she kept turning him down. She knew she had a problem and shared her feelings with a close coworker. That’s when she found out about such handy online tools as cell phone lookup and reverse cell phone lookup. Apparently, these days a woman could take her safety and destiny into her own hands by investigating a potential date online, knowing just basic details about the person, such as name and state of residence, or a phone number. Amanda made a decision that if she didn’t find out any incriminating details on Jake, she would ask him out. She couldn’t wait to run a cell phone lookup, for two reasons: to make sure her instincts about Jake were correct, and to find out his cell phone number so she can call and ask him for a date. Seconds later, she had proof that Jake was indeed a nice guy. He wasn’t secretly married and had no hidden criminal past. He even volunteered with children. Amanda knew it was now or never. The rest, as they say, is history. Later, Amanda told Jake the whole story behind their first date and admitted that if it wasn’t for the help from cell phone lookup, they may never have gotten together. Jake was just happy there was something out there to reassure her and convince her to trust him. Today, they are busily planning their up.ing nuptials. They plan to toast all cell phone lookups at their wedding. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: