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"Catch the" demon bride tianshic through today the whole network open chapeau – Sohu Yindu entertainment in August 26th, produced by the media, Li Wen served as producer of the series tianshic catch demon network movie "the bride" catch demon tianshic via on-line in Iqiyi, LETV, Tencent and other network platform. The film in June 5, 2016 in Zhejiang Jinhua Wuyi starting, tells the story of the year with the change of dynasties Renzi, special mission catch demon tianshic, strayed into the beauty of Lingshan empty water dense Jiangnan village, was a puzzle War Ghost bride. Network director Li Jinlun directed, the new generation of actors Song Hanyu, Zhang Bingqian, Zhang starred in many. This year hit many network or network drama, have played the "reasoning" brand, what is more, directly hit the "Bengue detective", the previous "Blizzard secluded villa", "battle mode" and "room" and other words frequently intensive strong pushed to the front of the ordinary audience, accelerate the audience for this type of understanding. It can be said that once the movie play bad reasoning theme in the network, the movie has ushered in a new life, and even become a mainstream type. Producer Li Wen said, this is different from the large movie theaters, most contributed to the place. "Catch the" demon bride tianshic via Yindu, adapted from the media’s "most" Yu Qingjun "bride" reasoning through the novel of the same name. With nearly ten years of influential domestic authoritative magazine "the most" reasoning reasoning, stick to reasoning types of positions, gather a group of domestic well-known writers, a large number of high-quality IP one by one by Yindu media or other film companies purchased copyright adapted into a TV drama. "Catch the" demon bride tianshic through, to create the type of inference network in flow, producer Li Wen said, as long as the reasoning is well written, and is the fusion of any element of the reasoning can thriller comedy? How funny? "The bride" catch demon tianshic route, this time, emboldened, and happy a wild.相关的主题文章: