Can not afford to buy a total of 1 million 600 thousand sets of 48-75 flat quality housing

Can not buy fooled 48-75 flat quality housing total 1 million 600 thousand sets of [Abstract] unfinished buildings now have heard, property buyers will inevitably have the suspicion of the selected projects. Then you should trust the brand development. Daxing Tian Heng world set (real estate information) 2 million 600 thousand sets of the total price of real estate news from the world’s Tencent set up the world’s largest project, building No. 1, building No. 2, building and 4-1, 5-1, 5-2, 5-3 in the sale. South Ring Line No. four, the charm of the city of new home court; 48-75 square meters (face) of three-dimensional space, with 9.17 new connotation; in addition push, Shoufu 600 thousand. Days of the world collection project 1, building 2, floor number, and floor height of 3.3 meters, a total of 13 layers, the ladder of 10 households, construction area of 81-102 square meters, the average price of 32000 yuan square meters, the total price of 2 million 600 thousand sets of up to 3. Heng 4-1, 5-1, 5-2 in the world, 5-3 building products for the project, 10 on the ground floor, 2 staircase 18 households, with part of the one or two floor, the first floor is 5.4 meters high, the standard layer is 4.2 meters high, construction area of 48-75 square meters, 2 staircase 18 households, the average price of 36500 yuan per square meter, 4-1 5-2, 5-3, 5-1, building total 1 million 600 thousand sets. Tencent Beijing Daxing real estate group, real-time discussion of hot topics. 154721018 days to see the details in the world of constant average price of 35000 yuan square meters of ecological livable real estate Gallery | the latest 400-819-1111 610888 projects with a total construction area of 186902 square meters, of which the ground floor area of 121252 square meters, underground construction area, 65650 square meters, the project is divided into East and west two functional areas. "" "" "click to view · comments, hung Kun; his above information is for reference only, the final announcement to developers. [Abstract] Nowadays unfinished building when heard, property buyers will inevitably have the suspicion of the selected projects. Then you should trust the brand development. The large Beijing Tencent currently for sale Gogh water county is located in Beijing real estate news Gogh water county Guanting Reservoir upstream river Nanan, currently for sale. There are around 130 square kilometers of lake, 400 acres of exclusive Binhu Wetland Park, 2200 acres of green ecological plantations, private owners and estate winery grape picking and other supporting. On the Gogh water county is expected to launch in August 2016 villa products. There are rows of cards, row row card offers 80 thousand to 150 thousand, and double row card standing against 200 thousand discount 100 thousand. The platoon apartment layout area is 99-178, 214-236 double flat, standing 248-465. A total of 1 million sets, the average price of 14000 yuan, property charges pending, property for 70 years, is expected to launch the second half of 2018. Tencent Beijing big Beijing real estate buyers, real estate hot topics discussed. Tencent Beijing purchase 3 group 128868262 Gogh water county view details of the lowest price of 1 million yuan set of brand developers garden villa real estate Gallery | the latest 400-819-1111 611167 "Gogh water county" according to Guanting reservoir lake built, covers an area of approximately 3100 acres.相关的主题文章: