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Buy the wrong cleaner more pollution is also home to the 5 local beverages, attention must be paid to the Sohu and buddies all good, not for a long time to meet you program. "Extreme fruit · new discovery" and ushered in the latest issue of the! In this period, very gentleman and handsome experience division together in freaky experience Division — Mei home experience 3 different price cleaner. The vacuum cleaner on the market some of the dragons and fishes jumbled together, the cleaner’s ability is not good, clean is not clean. Even some cleaners will take the inhalation of dirt, part of a jet, and the same haze will cause harm to the respiratory tract…… To test whether this is true or not! Today you have experienced three vacuum cleaners! Are: Dyson V6 Absolute, puppy -D531, PHILPS FC6168. The hot mama experience division lives in a house that is admired! However, cleaning is really annoying, in the end what kind of vacuum cleaner can really help her? The experience of the Normal University of God has prepared OK?? three cleaner detailed evaluation here?! Dust cleaning effect which is strong? Look at the following analysis. How to Part.1 clean blankets we enjoy God annoying hot mom hostess said, every time at home the most annoying God is their naughty little girl. Bear children are not honest, eat snacks are all over the floor. When eating, the minor skin often even the dishes together to get upset, the stall is not good clean ah, the hostess had to squat on the carpet, pick it up with a little hand. To collapse there… If your very face this thing, in the hair on the carpet to pick up snacks, is sure to be angry. But there is a vacuum cleaner, clean the carpet on the floor, the dirt will be easier to let’s take a look at this problem, can stop these three cleaners? In this regard, very deliberately tested fruit Jun, potato chips will fall in the flea market. The results of the following dynamic diagram is also very obvious ~ you can see Dyson’s clean the most thorough, a back and forth potato chips to clean up the residue. Followed by PHILPS, the puppy’s suction is the worst, need a few back and forth to completely clean up. But PHILPS is still relatively thorough cleaning, the puppy will have residue residue. So, I announced the first round! Dyson victory to Part.2 who is better at cleaning up the crazy hair? The hostess also complained that the family dog most love the carpet as their nest, always love all day sitting on top, left a pile of dog (when the above pick popcorn is indeed a lot, every time a) to clean up clean up the hair by hand hematemesis… But not very good operation, three dust for in the end? We started to carpet covered with simulated hair, clean up. You can see ah, in the cleaning process, the puppy suck half suction completely motionless, as the broom to clean up the clean. Fei li!相关的主题文章: