Bus driver to save the elderly fainted red traffic police not punishment jiuyaogan

The bus driver to save the old man faint red light traffic police: will not punish the new network – Sichuan news network Zigong news September 11th September 9th at 8:30 in the morning, a car traveling in the Department of Road West 17 Road on the bus, a man suddenly collapsed, the bus driver Chen Hongbing in the passengers understand, immediately to the nearest open warning light the hospital open. In order to seize the time, he even ran a red light. At that time, the 17 bus ride in the Gutenberg area near the West Moorhouse Department of road, the passengers in the car suddenly restless, and shouted the driver to stop. Driver Chen Hongbing found that an old man fainted. Immediately, he quickly dialed 120 for help, enthusiastic passengers also help next to help the elderly, pinch, "but it was morning peak, is blocked, I think at that time, the ambulance to one thirty while no, this is not the way to go." At this time, Chen Hongbing asked the passengers to take the bus, directly with the old man to the hospital, "the passenger car is very good, so I can understand that, to start the car to the nearest hospital rushed to the district." Light warning lights, horn, Chen Hongbing driving the bus arrived at Acer District Road, qiayu red light, as time, he had to move on the red light, then the other direction is also waiting for the car, ran past when there is no danger." Chen Hongbing said, then, he directly across the way the Acer and dance school district station station, no parking, and go straight to the hospital. Fortunately, in the car outside the hospital, the old man fainted gradually awakened. Chen Hongbing asked again, this let the old medical examination, but the old man was refused. Mr. Chen was also on the road in the 17 car, ready to go to the train station, I and several passengers are advised to the elderly, let him do a check, but the old man insisted not to go." It turned out that, according to the old man, he fainted because he did not eat breakfast. After receiving the car, Chen Hongbing will report to the leadership of the company, and the incident under the jurisdiction of the road section of Zigong high tech Traffic Police Brigade docking. During the inspection in the bus video, instructions and passengers in the car and other circumstances, to determine the authenticity of the event, high-tech Traffic Police Brigade relevant responsible person said that this emergency the red light will not be punished, "such as fire rescue, time is the most valuable, can understand. But at the same time, I hope to encounter a similar situation of the masses of the people, in the first contact with the public security traffic police department, we will go to the hospital on the way to help, let the hospital more smoothly."  相关的主题文章: