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Breast milk jaundice to weaning it? – what is the maternal and neonatal jaundice in infants with breast milk jaundice shortly after breast-feeding, lasting several months and months, while the other is normal, is a special type of pathological jaundice. It is believed that the increase of intestinal circulation is related to bilirubin metabolism in neonates. The vast majority of children suffering from breast milk jaundice, after a period of development, jaundice will gradually subside, will not cause any impact on health. Early onset is mainly lack of milk, milk is late, delayed meconium exclusion. The late onset of breast milk is due to the presence of beta glucosidase, which increases the formation of bilirubin. Its characteristics are: continue to increase in the post peak physiological jaundice jaundice, bilirubin can reach 10-30mg DL, such as continue breastfeeding, jaundice in high level condition to continue for a period of time after slow drop, such as 48 hours to stop breastfeeding, bilirubin decreased significantly to 50%, again if breastfeeding, bilirubin rose. The baby had jaundice generally does not appear discomfort other symptoms, mental state, milk, urine and other baby does not have what difference. Breast milk jaundice need to weaning it? Whether weaning according to the actual situation, listen to the doctor’s advice. Baby suffering from breast milk jaundice, but also do not breastfeed, how should continue to feed the baby, which are plagued by many mothers problem. First of all, please ask the doctor to exclude any other pathological conditions, doctors generally need to check the content of bilirubin, if it has been high to a certain extent, you need to suspend breast milk, on the contrary, do not easily stop breast milk. Stop breast, the mother should use a breast pump breast milk on time will suck in the fridge, after the baby need to use. The sucking frequency should ensure that every 2 to 3 hours at a time, so it can effectively ensure the milk secretion, without causing mastitis or breast milk loss. How the baby had jaundice care? 1 should pay attention to daily observation progress and systemic symptoms of neonatal jaundice, there is no fever, listlessness, drowsiness, restlessness, suckling difficulties, startle two eye strabismus, limb rigidity or convulsions and other symptoms, to early detection and early treatment. 2 pay attention to the regular cleaning of the umbilical cord to prevent infection, jaundice. Under the guidance of a doctor to take medicine, phototherapy, sunbathing, avoid hypothermia or hyperthermia, to avoid sunburn. Feeding on demand, breast milk should be insufficient when the formula should be added in a timely manner, add enough heat and liquid volume, so that the baby from the urine and feces excretion of bilirubin. Any of the following circumstances, should be timely medical treatment of jaundice premature, i.e. jaundice within 24 hours after birth; severe jaundice, jaundice or golden yellow throughout the body, hands, foot also had obvious jaundice; jaundice lasting 2 to 3 weeks after the birth of jaundice is still persistent even deeper, or reduced after deeper; anemia or stool color pale; temperature is not normal, poor appetite, vomiting and other manifestations. Had jaundice must according to blue light phototherapy? (light therapy) is a newborn high bilirubin (unconjugated) is mainly used in the treatment of hyperlipidemia.相关的主题文章: