Beware of a spicy moon cake, eat will be red eyes – Sohu mother pullip

Beware of a hot cake, will eat red eyes – mother, to the Sohu to the Mid Autumn Festival time, I want to eat spicy food, spicy hot cakes "a baby really in the recording said. Pepper cross encroach on moon cake circle? Hey, you must guess this must be a Sichuan baby, ah ah ah what sugar rose all over the egg yolk. However, the world really do not have hot cakes? Why, on the day of the Mid Autumn Festival, my memory really once, my mother ate the moon cake after suddenly red eyes? On this day, the woman is probably a year to live the culmination of the day. It was the most emotional day for a woman, the day her mother became a cat. A love girl became the treasurer and housekeeping chef, became a toy, got Manhanquanxi, cooking can change the beautiful moment. On this day, his partner of children to the elderly knee before the ideal setting for a couple in love, all the power to create a warm space of 360 degrees, how can we not say is rich. On this day, women have legs! A friend said that last year’s mid autumn festival day, her WeChat movement has finally come to the first place, because she started to buy food, cooking, mopping the floor, pick up the kids, welcome the elderly, see friends and relatives, mobile phone has been placed on the body, the day actually took more than 30 thousand steps. Mid Autumn Festival this day, every mother is a legendary day. Raise a glass of wine, gently bite a moon cake, how many trance. Do you remember how you looked before you were pregnant? Have you ever asked yourself: I actually have such a big child, so naughty, healthy, eat moon cake and sprinkle a table crumbs, he (she) will actually use chopsticks to dip a little wine tasting a different life. I have such a full, tired, full of life? Don’t you think the man around the hair line back more flavor? Do you have a few moments to think about reproducing a cute baby for him? Don’t you think, the old man is still, I dare not old. Alone in the spring breeze ten, as autumn has you. This year, a lot of people moving mom. This year’s Olympic Games in Rio, the forty-one year old female athlete Chusovitina since the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992 seven to participate in the Olympic Games, the reason why the pain and age can not stop her, because her son in 2002 El Arish was diagnosed with leukemia, the face of the high cost of treatment, she embarked on a short retirement way, because this she is the only way to make money path, she needed their children live. She chose to do never old girl guards. There is a debris flow girl Fu Yuanhui, move if epilepsy, static if dementia. In order to develop an athlete, Fu mother two notebook according to the date of recording her every day of the trip, mobile phone never shut down, just for her daughter to say, mom! This mid autumn festival, parents can be around? At this moment, the rich life, looking back, you will have time fleeting, red eyes, like to eat spicy cakes? Every mother is a wanderer. The home is full of excitement.? In a noisy and busy world, the price of expensive city alone to work hard, and then get married – baby相关的主题文章: