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Ethics Benny Rogosnitzky the famous Cantor known around the world for his inspiring music .posing. Luck as we say, the skills in Benny was first spotted by yet another great cantor of his times- Johnny Gluck. Benny at a very young age joined Cantor Gluck"s coir as a soloist. Benny started his career at the age of 16 and joined the Brighton and Hove Synagogue"s High Holiday Services. He .pleted his studies in Netherlands and Johannesburg. Benny Rogosnitzky the London born was lucky to have been connected with some of the best cantors of his times. Benny had extensively travelled around the world showcasing his skill in music, and has taken all efforts to boost the traditional Cantorial music. Looking to get new audiences and to keep the cantorial music alive, Benny initiated to open ‘Cantor World’ with the likes of cantor enthusiasts across. His sole intension was to promote this form of music and encourage people to .e forward if they feel the need to do contribute in keeping this alive. Benny finished his Masters Degree in Music from the Royal Manchester School of Music and Art. His obsession with music landed him to be the senior Cantor of the prestigious Jewish Center on the Upper West Side in the year 1996. Benny Rogosnitzky then went on to serve here for 13 years. During his career as Cantor, Benny also happened to serve as a guest lecturer at the Yale Conservatory of Music in the USA. He also lectured on the practice of tradition of liturgy and modern music. Cantor Benny is an inspired .poser and a gifted teacher. His passion led him to start the Cantor World, where he along with Charlie Bernhaut promotes music to keep the conventional chazzonus breathing. Benny in his capacity as skilled .poser takes the lead to initiate the choir band under "Cantor World". He regularly participates in cantorial events as his contribution towards Cantor service. Benny"s contribution to the various causes was immensely acknowledged and this follows his charity activities that have grown hugely. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: