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Beijing Book man jumped into the lake to save the child with   scrap – Sichuan Channel – original title in my pocket: mobile phone book save the children Fengtai the old man jumped Lake Garden Management Office to declare the installation guardrail the day before yesterday, a 3 year old children in Fengtai Lake Garden fall lake, is the side book written by Zhang Lianzu old quickly ran and jumped into the lake, will the children go ashore. Because the lake jumping too fast, the old man in the pocket of mobile phones scrapped. Afterwards, the park management office indicated that the application had been submitted and the fence was installed. The elderly help hand jump Lake rescue yesterday, Beijing morning news reporter came to the little boy falling lake of Fengtai garden, in the east side of the lake just met in the book written by Zhang Lianzu, he is jump Lake save the old man. As he recalled, he and some friends were writing books on the lake, and suddenly someone shouted, "help, someone is falling out of water."". He hurried to the lake with his friend. "I jumped down without thinking." Zhang Lianzu said, he jumped down and found the lake to his chest, his hands lifted, the child on shore. After landing, the children have no movement, Zhang Lianzu child "upside down", "a woman in yellow ran, should be the parents, scared to cry, I let her take the child back". Really useful, the child "wow" to cry out (Figure), finally safe. At this point, Zhang realized that he was drenched, and his clothes were shaking with cold. I found that I didn’t take my cell phone out of the lake before I jumped into the lake and the water was scrapped". Mr. Liu, a friend who practiced books together, witnessed the whole process. When he saw that the child was fine, he asked Zhang Lianzu to hurry home and change his clothes. Zhang Lianzu left shortly after, yellow woman holding a child to leave. The management office declared that the fence was installed in the garden of Fengtai. The park was mostly for the elderly and children. Almost all the lakes had railings or chains and other devices, and the warning signs were hung, but the place where the little boy fell into the lake was about 10 square meters, and there was no enclosure in the semicircle water area. Old people later expressed concern, "Park children more, and then fall into a dangerous."". In this regard, deputy director of the park management deputy director said, after the rapid dispatch staff to the scene to understand the situation, and to declare a fence to the higher authorities, "and so on, immediately put on the fence.". At the same time, we also remind parents to try to care for children, to avoid danger". Correct Zhang Lianzu although the elderly rescue methods with the method of "upside down" back the saved the child, but the 120 emergency center staff said that, after the drowning people upside down water control is not desirable. Staff explained that after drowning, there will be some water into the stomach, people upside down may lead to reflux of stomach content, and even cause aspiration, aggravating hypoxia. Rescue people ashore, call the emergency phone, should first clean the drowning people’s mouth, nose of debris, and then rescue the knee, the leg pad into the patient’s abdomen, gently pat back water control, if found drowning no reaction, no breathing, should immediately start cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Beijing morning news reporter Kang Jiawen scene Liu Chengsheng for clues: Mr. Ma (commissioning editor Yuan Hanling and Gao Hongxia) 北京写地书老人跳湖救幼童 装在兜里的手机报废–四川频道–人民网 原标题:写地书老人跳湖救幼童   事发丰台花园 管理处申报加装护栏   前天,丰台花园的湖边一名3岁幼童坠湖,正在一旁写地书的张连祖老人迅速跑过去跳进湖中,将孩子救上岸。因为跳湖太急,老人装在兜里的手机报废。事后,公园管理处表示,已提交申请,将加装围栏。   老人伸援手跳湖救人   昨日,北京晨报记者来到小男孩坠湖的丰台花园,在湖东侧恰遇在写地书的张连祖,他就是跳湖救人的老人。据他回忆称,当时他和几个朋友正在湖边写地书,突然听到有人喊“救命,有人掉水里啦”。他和朋友赶忙跑到湖边。“我没多想就跳下去了。”张连祖说,他跳下去后发现湖水到他胸部,他双手一抬就将孩子抱上了岸。   上岸后,孩子没有动静,张连祖将孩子“倒吊”起来,“这时一个黄衣女子跑过来,应该是家长,吓得都哭了,我让她拍小孩的背”。果然有用,孩子“哇”地一声哭了出来(如图),总算安全了。   这时,张连祖才意识到自己浑身湿透,“衣服一湿冻得发抖。我一摸兜才发现跳湖前没把手机掏出来,进水报废了”。一同练地书的朋友刘先生目睹了整个过程,见孩子没事,便嘱咐张连祖赶快回家换衣服。张连祖走后不久,黄衣女子抱着小孩离开。   管理处申报加装围栏   记者在丰台花园内看到,园内多为老人和孩子,湖边几乎皆有栏杆或铁链等装置,并悬挂警示牌,但小男孩坠湖的地方约10平方米半圆形水域没有任何围挡。老人们事后表示担忧,“公园小孩多,再掉下去一个就危险了”。   对此,公园管理处石副主任称,事后迅速派工作人员到现场了解情况,并向上级申报加装围栏,“等审批下来马上就装上围栏。同时,我们也提醒家长尽量看护好孩子,避免发生危险”。   正确施救方法   张连祖老人虽采用“倒吊”拍背的方法救醒孩子,但120急救中心工作人员提示称,溺水后把人倒过来控水不可取。工作人员解释,溺水后会有一些水进入胃部,把人倒过来可能导致胃内容物反流,甚至引起误吸、加重缺氧。将人救上岸,拨打急救电话后应先清理溺水者口腔、鼻内的杂物,随后施救者屈膝将腿垫入患者腹部,轻轻拍背部控水,如发现溺水者无反应、无呼吸,应马上开始心肺复苏。   北京晨报现场新闻   记者 康佳 文 刘成生 供图   线索:马先生 (责编:袁菡苓、高红霞)相关的主题文章: