Beijing – VIDEO – visit Mount Lu one of the Millennium Bailudong College the continuation of cultura gigolos

Beijing – VIDEO – visit Mount Lu one of the Millennium Bailudong College: the continuation of cultural exchanges and cooperation [comment] head Chinese ancient universities shining aura, Jiangxi Mount Lu and Hunan Yuelu Academy Changsha Bailudong college, Henan Shangqiu, Henan Dengfeng Yingtian academy Songyang academy, collectively known as the "Chinese four college". Recently, the China News Agency reporter visited the site of the already thousands of years of history of ancient academy. Approached the Bailudong academy, door hanging shade trees, streams and sings. The door is a double eaves door, the door Hung Ming Zhengde Li Mengyang handwritten "Bailudong College". The Academy was built beside the mountain, a garden pavilion as nestled in the ancient wood, the building is beautiful, white walls and gray tiles Anhui building style, from the near to the distant lined five tall courtyard, which constitute five large courtyard, each courtyard and each has two to three. The lecture in vogue, Bailudong college by Zhu Xi and Lu Jiuyuan and other academic celebrities in this lecture or debate, become a science communication center. Liu? Beijing is a college student, particularly through the ancient Chinese culture academy. In his view, in real China traditional culture academy, to better understand the concept of sages say. The same period [] (a student in Beijing Liu?) my school is in college this form, so this specially come and look at ancient sages and cultivate their students or their academic ideas when people give us inspiration. I think this is similar to the real down to earth, with China traditional culture college, studying here can feel closer to speak to our. For example, Zhu Xi’s not in such an environment, The Four Books and the Five Classics, separated on The Four Books and the Five Classics or learn I think it is Ancient Chinese Literature Search, attempt an ineffective solution. [comment] from Taiwan Keelung tourists come to visit Zhang Wenyang, he told reporters in Taiwan that the well preserved monuments are too few. The same period [] (Taiwan Keelung tourist Zhang Wenyang) to study when seen, when reading a read, so just know the Bailudong academy, Taiwan not so long historical monuments, Taiwan more than 100 years is overcrowded. [comment] it is understood, since when the Bailudong Academy in the Tang Dynasty, the Southern Song Dynasty reached its peak, with its long history, profound cultural influence known as "the world’s first college", although it is now no longer has now Bailudong college teaching function, but the academic and cultural exchanges and cooperation in academic circles has been renewed. Jiang Tao Jiangxi Jiujiang相关的主题文章: