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Beijing two real estate projects cover plate checked   official: thorough investigation of driving up prices – Shanghai Channel – original title: project two disc checked for the recent masses of real estate development project property hoarding, drive up prices, seriously disrupting the order of the real estate market behavior yesterday, municipal construction committee and other departments to carry out special inspection the Yizhuang economic and Technological Development Zone in Fengtai District Yi Rui Jinding, Park House and other projects. At present, two projects signed has been suspended. The investigation found that developed by Beijing Guorui Real Estate Development Company Limited China Rui Jinding project, sales site publicity information is not complete, the sales staff did not record, released to purchase the number of houses sold and the actual number of houses sold, no price tag does not match the problem; by Beijing Jintian constant real estate Co. the company developed the park Yi mansion project, sales site publicity information is not complete, released to the purchase of houses available for sale amount and the actual number of houses sold does not match, in the pre-sale permit within three days without one-time public housing, refused to purchase the use of provident fund loans, no price tag and other issues in accordance with the content and the provisions of the country; and Yi Fu Rui Jinding park two projects are alleged cover plate reluctant sellers. The registry of registration, housing sales advertisements and housing sales contract to check in on the real estate development business, some advertising content suspected of violating the relevant provisions of the "advertisement law" etc.. To identify the problems of the project, the inspection of law enforcement officers on the spot to the development of enterprises rectification, and the sale of the site publicity information insufficiency, property hoarding and other illegal acts further investigation; verified, will implement the administrative punishment and the punishment of the relevant enterprise information uploaded to the Beijing enterprise credit information network publicity publicity. At the same time, the Municipal Construction Committee has suspended two projects signed, start the qualification verification of enterprise development; and its alleged violations to the land, industry and commerce, taxation, finance and other departments, the transfer of the relevant departments for further processing. Recently, the Municipal Construction Committee will also interviewed part of the development of enterprises and intermediary agencies, informed the law enforcement investigation, and requirements of enterprises in accordance with the law and regulations, serious consequences should bear clear violations of enterprises. In addition, the city will also strengthen the supervision of the real estate market and the daily inspection efforts to strike disrupted the market behavior, and resolutely crack down and punish cover Xishou and other illegal acts. At the same time, welcome to the community and the vast number of consumers of illegal behavior in the process of the real estate market transactions in the report. Complaints Tel: 59958811-1. (Yan, Zhao Xuan far commissioning editor: strong) 北京两房产项目捂盘被查 官方:严查哄抬房价–上海频道–人民网 原标题:两项目捂盘被查 针对近期群众反映的部分房地产开发项目捂盘惜售、哄抬房价等严重扰乱房地产市场秩序的行为,昨天市住建委等部门对亦庄经济技术开发区国锐金顶、丰台区公园懿府等项目进行了专项检查。目前,两项目网签已经暂停。 经查发现,由北京国锐房地产开发有限公司开发的国锐金顶项目,存在销售现场公示信息不全、现场销售人员未备案、向购房人发布的可售房源数量与实际可售房源数量不符、没有明码标价等问题;由北京金天恒置业有限公司开发的公园懿府项目,存在销售现场公示信息不全、向购房人发布的可售房源数量与实际可售房源数量不符、在取得预售许可证三天内未一次性公开房源、拒绝购房人使用公积金贷款、没有按照规定的内容和方式进行明码标价等问题;国锐金顶和公园懿府两项目均涉嫌捂盘惜售。在对房地产开发企业的工商登记注册情况、房屋销售宣传广告以及房屋销售合同进行检查时发现,部分宣传广告内容涉嫌违反《广告法》等相关规定。 对于查出问题的项目,执法检查人员当场责令开发企业整改,并对上述销售现场公示信息不全、捂盘惜售等违法违规行为进一步调查处理;查证属实的,将对相关企业实施行政处罚,并将处罚信息上传至北京市企业信用信息公示网进行公示。同时,市住建委已暂停两个项目网签,对开发企业启动资质核查;并将其涉嫌违规行为抄报国土、工商、地税、金融等部门,移交相关部门进一步处理。 近日,市住建委还将约谈部分开发企业和中介机构,通报上述执法查处情况,并要求企业依法规范经营,明确企业违规应承担的严重后果。此外,本市还将加强房地产市场监管和日常巡查的力度,严打扰乱市场行为,坚决打击和查处捂盘惜售等违法违规行为。同时,欢迎社会各界和广大消费者对房地产市场交易过程中的违法违规行为进行举报。投诉电话:59958811-1。 (责编:严远、轩召强)相关的主题文章: