Baidu financial ambition To explore a new way for technology driven financial Sohu Technology clazziquai

Baidu financial ambition: To explore a new way for technology driven financial Sohu Technology Annual World Congress on Baidu, and Baidu search company after the adjustment of structure of the parallel development of Baidu finance ushered in the first show. I had participated in last year’s Baidu World Conference "Internet Financial Forum, this year to FinTech financial technology theme of" Baidu financial "relative popularity is much higher, there are a large number of traditional financial professionals in Western dress and leather shoes. This shows that the independent development of Baidu finance has a stronger influence, Baidu financial executives talked about a collective with the past Internet banking is completely different story. Not only Internet plus financial, but by leveraging financial Internet financial technology is a relatively old concept, people used to talk about Internet banking, always from the breakdown of business talk, Internet insurance, Internet payment, Internet banking, Internet business loans and so on, these ideas are the Internet as an improvement of the traditional financial the tool will be the Internet industry, that when the tool, are very common in many industries Internet plus. A new concept of the beginning of this year is the rise of FinTech, finance is not satisfied with the Internet as a tool, Finance to have more combined with Technology, how to combine until today, Baidu gives the financial Public opinions are divergent., they answer. Baidu senior vice president Zhu Guang said, Baidu is the most natural way of financial aid flow advantage of Baidu for users and the financial needs of the acquisition, and then combined with the user’s financial and business loans and other financial institutions to provide services to the scene, can be further customized with financial institutions is more suitable for users of Baidu financial services, such as Baidu finance, education loans etc.. However, Zhu Guang believes that Baidu financial core competitiveness is not based on the flow of the advantages of financial services distribution, but Baidu has the best technology, the efficiency of using technology to leveraging traditional financial industry to upgrade the industry, services for more users, we found a very big opportunity." Not just Baidu financial helm Zhu Guang has been around technology to explain Baidu financial ideas, in charge of the business of financial capital tube Baidu and Zhang Xuyang in charge of consumer finance business in Shuang Huang, introduced the related business, also stressed that "technology" two words. Zhang Xuyang and Huang Shuangjun are from the traditional financial institutions airborne executives, unanimously stressed to drive financial technology, rather than the Internet as a tool, the audience is unexpected. Why Baidu do finance, but so emphasize technology? "Holding a hammer, see what is a nail," will it be because of technology as the cornerstone of Baidu always want to use technology to drive all business? The answer is no, Baidu financial emphasis on technology, is to adapt to the Internet financial trends, combined with the advantages of Baidu’s own choice. The Internet Finance officially entered the second half: FinTech is the future of the beginning of this year, more and more Internet heavyweights continued to have a common judgment: the Internet into the second half, Internet plus into the second half, O2O into the second half, early in the period such as Robin Li Baidu Union summit said the Internet scene has been opened in artificial intelligence didi Cheng Wei).相关的主题文章: