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Why is the baby sweating at night? – Sohu maternal and child in sleep sweating is common, not all physical weakness, physical symptoms. Many parents think that children are frail, and constantly sweating. In fact, there is a considerable part of the child is physiological hyperhidrosis. Physiological hyperhidrosis in head and neck, often occurs in fall asleep within half an hour, about 1 hours longer. Infants and children with The new supersedes the old. vigorous, lively, and some even to go to bed in the evening after the restless sleep, so the head can also be sweating. The so-called physiological hyperhidrosis, refers to the child development and good health, no sweat disease caused by sleep. Parents are often used to feel their subjective children to decide the best environment temperature, love for the baby was added to cover tightly. Because the child brain development of nervous system is still not perfect, but also in growth period, the body’s metabolism is very strong, coupled with the hot stimulation, only through the sweat to evaporate the body heat, to adjust the normal temperature. In addition, children before going to sleep, drink milk or eat chocolate malted milk also can cause sweating. Some parents give their children to drink milk, milk before sleep, sleep in children after the body produce a large amount of heat to heat, mainly through the skin sweating. In addition, the room temperature is too high, or excessive heat is also the cause of children’s sleep sweating, these are physiological sweating. Pathological sweating is occurred in children under the quiet state, such as rickets sweating, manifested as falling asleep before midnight, children’s head was sweating. Affected by sweat due to occipital stimulation, babies often sleep in head with a pillow friction, resulting in occipital sparse hair, shedding, forming a typical occipital ring alopecia, medically known as "bald", is an early infant rickets, as long as the timely supplement of vitamin D and calcium, rickets can be controlled. It will also stop sweating. If the child is not only sweating in the middle of the night, after midnight and before dawn sweating, most of the symptoms of the disease, the most common is tuberculosis. Tuberculosis and other manifestations, such as fever, fatigue, anorexia, flushing etc.. In the day when the activity of tuberculosis is easy to sweat called sweating, night sweating called night sweats. If children were infected with tuberculosis, should do chest X-ray or tuberculin test for timely diagnosis and timely treatment. Physically weak children often during the day or after sleep at night, in the head, chest, back, like a piece of sweat. Is often due to improper feeding or digestive malabsorption and malnutrition. Care should be taken to adjust the feeding method, to promote children’s appetite, increase the amount of protein, fat and sugar intake. If necessary, traditional Chinese medicine can be used to regulate spleen and stomach incompatibility. Therefore, the children’s sleep sweating, should be carefully distinguished, if necessary, take the child to the hospital for examination, found abnormal treatment in a timely manner. Attached to children’s sleep related situation and analysis: your research compare ~ ~ normal baby in sleep quiet comfortable, breathing without sound, sometimes little face will have some interesting expressions. But if the baby has the following conditions, the father.相关的主题文章: