Baby girl has adopted marriage children – Sohu news account has yet to solve

Baby girl has adopted "married" children account is not resolved – Sohu news yesterday afternoon, the 72 year old daughter Lili (a pseudonym) in Peng Baowa’s arm, once again came to the Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau Yanta Branch Electronic City police station. The white haired old man said, picked up her daughter Lili soon 20 years old, the family did not come to claim, to give Lili the account on his wife died, and now Lili has been married and have children, but the account remains unsolved. "A woman to help hold the child did not come back again," Peng master is an electronic city, a retired worker, a child and a woman. 1996, when he was 52 years old and his wife went to the farmers market to buy food, a woman holding a child, said she wanted to go to the toilet, so his wife to help hold." Did not expect this hug, never see the woman back. Later, the toilet inside and outside markets inside and outside everywhere, also did not see the woman figure. Peng Master said, his wife had to hold the baby back in the child’s clothes turned to a small note, only the child’s birth date. I returned to the neighbors say it, thinking of the mother one day might come……" Day by day, year after year, so passed…… Master Peng in the factory to let the baby on the primary school, there is no account to junior high school, I said people do not accept. Because people have been thinking about their biological parents will lead the baby, so I did not want to account for the child." Master Peng said that after graduating from primary school children at home for a few years, then go out to work, did not play a few days to come back, the age is too small, then a little larger, where to go to ID. "Give the baby to account ran for a year and still no results" 7 years ago, Peng master’s wife had a cerebral infarction, before dying, has not speak. "But she still gave me gestures, mean to Lili to the account, don’t wait any longer, so it will affect her future life." After his wife died, when the child was 13 years old, did not mind. Last year Lili boyfriend, began to talk about marriage, Peng master began consulting business settled in March last year. I went to the police station, the household registration room, said the situation was looking for leadership, and later to see the director, director called community police, community police wrote to us on account of the need to prepare the material. We find that the witness to write that street office seal, to do a paternity test, said to the exclusion of children are trafficked to the trafficking…… There is still a notarial certificate." No problem notarized facts adopted yesterday, Peng master carrying a bag of evidence, assisted by her daughter Lili, once again came to the police station. Duty room police put the phone to the community police. Community police said Lili to the branch blood after they also need several levels, exclude trafficking suspects, the results are not down down, they will notice. For the police station to the adoption of facts notary, police said he did not know. Master Peng and Lili went to the notary office of the big wild goose pagoda. Notary said that the fact that they can not do the notary. The earliest work in the Civil Affairs Department, but now the public security organs to be notarized things, they need to study相关的主题文章: