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Hilary traced the hiding of the disease in recent 20 years many overwork ill – Sohu news

Hilary traced the hiding of the disease in recent 20 years many overwork ill – Sohu press a number of informed sources, the U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton? The past over 20 years of overwork and ill, and regardless of the doctor’s advice, to hide the disease. Many people put forward two questions: as the race for the presidency, Hilary’s true health? Integrity of word of mouth? May Hilary hard to carry 11 this month in New York city to participate in the "9? Unwell 11" commemorative activities, by hand and leave, later diagnosed with pneumonia. She told the CNN the next day, he will not give up the election, will be a strong push". However, many people questioned the health of the presidential candidate. Some people familiar with the memories, as early as 1998, Hilary will be sick after hard carry precedent. That year, when President Bill Clinton? Because of the "zipper" narrowly escaped impeachment, Democrats face tough challenges in the midterm elections, canvassing the responsibility falls on the shoulders of Hilary. According to the American doctor Mariano in his autobiography, Connie? Hilary said, 1998 non-stop run around in various campaign activities, leading to right knee thrombosis that White House doctor immediately advised her to the hospital and stay in bed for a week. However, Hilary chose the "hard to carry", to let a nurse to accompany her to go around canvassing. In addition, Hilary strict confidentiality of the disease, in addition to the secret service, almost did not tell anyone. "At that time, only a few people know, even under the staff thought she was just pulled a muscle while exercising," Mariano said. Do not listen to the Hilary campaign spokesman Nick Smith said, 13 days? Hilary suspended his campaign trip, but still not idle, but read the briefing, and call attention, assistant president Barack? Obama in Pennsylvania Philadelphia for her campaign activities. However, she will resume the 15 campaign trip. Hilary admitted in an interview with the CNN, the 11 day physical discomfort hit a thing of her campaign momentum, "if I cancel the schedule Friday (11 days), I will be better, but I didn’t take it seriously". Before the policy assistant Manila Hilary? Tandon said: "I am 20 years younger than Hilary, but no one day, I can catch up with her drive. She always gets up earlier than me." Virginia governor Terry? McAuliffe was the core getters Hilary 2008 presidential campaign "". According to McAuliffe recalled, Hilary used to overload, she is such a person, but do not listen to persuade". According to McAuliffe, "when she lived to this age, no one could change her". Love to hide around the latest events, many people also questioned, Hilary seems to deliberately conceal the health status, whether this performance can be linked to the presidency. The media asked, Hilary Tim Kaine, the Deputy campaign? Hilary’s campaign manager Robbie? Mukesh have refused to disclose when they know her condition. In order to appease voter sentiment, Hilary then said agency相关的主题文章:

Charm Blue 5 get started colorful rear cover + fingerprint recognition – Sohu Technology jslottery

The charm of blue 5 started: "colorful" cover + fingerprint recognition technology geeks Park – Sohu micro signal: geekpark 5 mobile phone manufacturers as a charm blue in the concert of the best companies in the afternoon of 31 Meizu yesterday opened a "Charm Blue Night" concert. Gap in the concert, the charm of blue by the way, released a thousand dollar machine new Charm Blue 5. Colorful plastic body does not know whether it is because the number 4 is not auspicious, Meizu jumped the Charm Blue 4 this name, the new name directly to the charm of blue, blue, and so on. And six months before the release of the Charm Blue 3 compared to the charm of blue screen in the size of the increase in the number of, from blue charm of the blue 3 to an increase of up to 5.2 inches, the resolution is still 720p. On the back cover material, and 5 blue charm Charm Blue 3 as the polycarbonate. However, in the process, there are still some changes in Charm Blue 5. We get the gold version of the Charm Blue 5, it’s the back cover to do some granular treatment, at first glance, some of the feelings of metal sandblasting, but still feel relatively smooth plastic. In addition, at the conference site we also experience the white version of the charm blue 5. And the gold version is different, the white version of the continuation of the 3 kind of Charm Blue feel warm bright plastic, and similar to iPhone 5c. In contrast, I personally prefer the white version of this approach. In addition to gold and white, the charm of blue 5 and mint green, sapphire blue, matte black three colors. But in the conference’s experience in the area, and we do not see the three colors of the prototype. Not surprisingly, the first batch of sales of blue 5 should be the gold and white color of these two. The basic configuration is "Charm Blue", we take a look at the charm of blue 5: SoC: MediaTek MT6750: 2GB 3GB LPDDR3 running memory storage capacity: 16GB 32GB, support Micro SD card screen: 5.2 inch, resolution 1280 × 720, PPI 282, 2.5D glass rear camera: 13 million pixels, 2.2 f aperture. Double color fill light front camera: 5 million pixels, 2 F aperture battery: 3070mAh battery: 5V 1.5A body weight: 138g body size: 147.2mm × 72.8mm × 8mm operating system: Flyme 5.2 (YunOS based 5.1.1) other positive press type fingerprint identification, dual card dual standby full Netcom, Micro USB interface, no infrared, no official NFC price: 699 yuan (2GB + 16GB) 899 yuan (3GB + 32GB)相关的主题文章:

Ji Tangyan Zhao Liying airport is cooling other contracted sweater 66814

Ji Tangyan Zhao Liying airport is other cool sweater contracted lead: a cold autumn rain, after the beginning of autumn, with the continuous rain temperature also decreased, while the wise fashion people early in the quietly updated wardrobe, wearing a little cool summer coat a little early in the season, a warm but not enough so thick sweater just good! Tang Yan, Zhao Liying, Liu Wen, Yang Mi and other fashion students have recently to sweater style appearance, they are all the other basic airport contracted so good to wear sweater, as soon as you can start to update your wardrobe! (source: Ruili nets) Yang Mi, Tang Yan, Liu Wen early will wear the appropriate thickness of sweater sport sweater, loose type, youth, is the Autumn Age circles "carry target". It is no wonder that the female stars are almost N pieces of manpower, energy and age do not wear. Go to school, commuting, sports, travel, sweater all hold live. Of course, you can also be as happy and Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner in charge of sisters sweater. Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenne sweater since such a fire, please look at the stars of the other to buy buy buy sweater, with a bit of inspiration for you! Tang Yan Tang Yan Tang Yan Sweater Hoodie sweater other other other but Tang Yan "hundred-percent sweater control", even if the summer did not let the other frequently sweater sweater, the airport and the printing contract, letter of loose sweater is Tang Yan’s love, the most photographed. The basic collocation black stovepipe pants or skirt, with slender legs is very fashionable. Zhao Liying with "Zhu Xian Yun Zhi" again with field force ring powder Zhao Liying, with the popularity of the dress is not the meal progress soared. The other is fashion sweater recently soared. Zhao Liying Airport street. She wore high ponytail, wearing gold mirror sunglasses, wearing a pink mask, wearing a black KENZO Monogrammed sweater, shoulder Prada Robot black collage backpack, under Pierre Balmain a bright purple skirt, white letters on printing thick soled loafers. Zhao Liying, before the advent of the capital airport, Zhao Liying. She wore half ball head, wearing black sunglasses, wearing a gray striped sweater, with black leggings, Chanel foot white sneakers, carrying CHANEL black diamond chain bag. Less decoration and unnecessary design, such as Zhao Liying and leisure style. Yang Mi Yang Mi Yang Mi is the living example more girls, of course, how can a small sweater it girl! Yang Mi and Tang Yan like other sweater very much. The two other sweater let Yang Mi well received. Young girl Liu Wen in August 15th, DAZZLE Fashion of the Shanghai show, singer Na Ying and DAZZLE Fashion launched NA BY DAZZLE crossover design series, Liu Wen circle of friends to support. Liu Wen day wearing NA BY DAZZLE series black tassel sweater, under a grey wide leg pants. Loose × loose wear law, Liu Wen also no pressure. And, from the cuff extension 9相关的主题文章:

Three students were after death or Dutch act fraud case solved 28 people arrested www.b

Three students were after death or Dutch act fraud case solved 28 people arrested Song Zhenning Xu Yuyu’s photos to crack down on fraud in the telecommunications network   to safeguard people’s property three social concern of the students have been telecommunications network fraud cracked recently, Shandong, Guangdong and other places for 3 students by the telecommunications network fraud cases, resulting in the victim death or Dutch act has aroused widespread concern. After the incident, the Ministry of public security attaches great importance to the organization, Shandong, Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan, Jiangsu, Sichuan and other places of public security organs to carry out investigation. At present, 3 cases all cracked, 28 suspects were arrested, the case is under further investigation. August 19th, Shandong, Linyi college entrance examination freshmen Xu Yuyu was posing as illegal criminals education, finance department staff fraud 9900 yuan. After the incident, the public security organs to work to identify the telecommunications network fraud Gang situation and information leakage source. After investigation, the suspect Dumou use technical means to attack the "2016 Shandong college entrance examination online registration information system" and at the site of implantation of the virus trojan, access the website backstage login, steal a lot of candidates including Xu Yuyu, registration information. At the beginning of July, the suspect Chen set up fraud dens in Jiangxi province Jiujiang rental housing, through the QQ search "test data group" and "student data" chat group, the release of personal information in the purchase of the demand, from the hands of Dumou at a price of 0.5 yuan each to buy a 1800 year high school students information. At the same time, Chen hired Jeong, Hwang and others posing as the Education Bureau, the Financial Bureau staff to call in order to grant the name of the student enrollment in the college entrance examination fraud. In August 19th 16, the gang fraud 9900 yuan Xu Yuyu, Xu Yuyu impersonation identity to the suspect to open a bank card account remittance 6 minutes later, Chen is in Fujian Quanzhou control Zheng Moumou suspect organization Xiong, Chen Moumou et al in Quanzhou, a bank ATM machine to take the money. Public security organs to further identify the suspect Pengmou through the network repeatedly to Chen criminal gangs selling non real name mobile phone cards for the use of criminal gangs. Currently, more than 8 suspects have been arrested. August 12th, Shandong University of Technology student Song Zhenning was criminals to the bank card fee, withholding of identity was fraudulent and false reason cheated 1996 yuan. After the incident, the investigation by public security organs, to identify the gang who incites Shangguan Lee, Liu Moumou, who use the pseudo base send SMS fraud, the victim after receiving the message call, lured the victim to various excuses to transfer to the designated account. Currently, the above 4 people and other suspects involved in the case have been arrested in the 10. In July 19th, Guangdong County of Huilai province college entrance examination admission freshmen Cai Shuyan received counterfeit criminals "run, brothers" column group issued a false winning message, Cai Shuyan back to dial the telephone number in the message, by the suspect lured login phishing site click, and fill in the personal information. Subsequently, the suspect to pay the deposit, personal income tax and other reasons to deceive the victim 6相关的主题文章:

National Standards Commission to guide social resources to the quality of the brand advantage of Ent 3u8895

National Standards Committee: to guide social resources to the quality of brand agglomeration and national standard Beijing, Beijing, August 26, Committee Director Tian Shihong said, to co-ordinate the use of existing funding channels, encourage social capital to the market the way to set up consumer standards and enhance the quality of the special fund, infrastructure construction, standardization the key support of the consumer products industry to enhance the quality of quality, technology innovation and application promotion, the real guide social resources to gather quality brand. Today, the State Council held a regular briefing on the State Council, Tian Shihong, director of the National Standards Commission on the "consumer goods standards and quality improvement plan" and asked the relevant circumstances. The scene is mentioned in the media, in order to better play the main role of standardization and quality, enhance the ability of enterprise standardization, improve the quality of products and services, "planning" what encouragement measures? Tian said that the enterprise is the main body of standardization and quality, to enhance the standardization and quality of the main responsibility. In the process of "planning", the author studies how to guide and encourage enterprises to grasp the needs of the market, stimulate the endogenous power of enterprises to improve standards and quality, and design some specific incentives. Specifically, the following aspects: first, to speed up the cultivation of innovative enterprises. What is the standard innovative enterprise? Mainly through the standardization of activities, can be timely conversion or application of scientific and technological achievements, in a certain area of competitive advantage of the enterprise is the standard of innovative enterprises. These enterprises are able to develop advanced standards and the implementation of advanced standards to standard innovation to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises to enhance the market. The standard identified a number of innovative enterprises, introduced a number of policy support, to create a good business environment, and promote the rapid development of the standard of innovative enterprises, to provide products and services to meet some needs of the consumer market. Two is to explore the establishment of a standard innovation financing credit system. "Planning" clearly, to explore the establishment of innovative financing standard credit system, this system is established and implemented to promote the "cooperative innovation model standard + finance, especially for some light assets and unsecured high-tech enterprises, including innovative science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises, to help enterprises solve the financing difficult, expensive financing problems to a certain extent, the formation of a standard for interaction between the strong capacity of enterprises and financial institutions, or a combination of symbiotic environment. The three is to establish the enterprise standard leader system. On the one hand, it is necessary to promote the implementation of enterprise standards self disclosure and supervision system, and guide enterprises to implement the self disclosure of public standards seriously, but also help to improve the transparency of enterprise standardization information. On the other hand, also encourage social third party agencies to assess these open standards, normative formulated and promulgated the enterprise standard list, better guide consumers to choose more standard products to meet the market leader, awareness of some consumer goods information quality standards, but also to guide consumption better. Four is to strengthen the quality of personnel training. The special emphasis of the plan is the construction of the professional and technical personnel. Around the quality of personnel training and professional quality.相关的主题文章:

Peng Yuan raised Shandong public main rating windjview

Peng Yuan raised Shandong public utility rating Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Issue tracking rating results of Shandong public Holdings Limited 2013 corporate bonds, Peng Yuan, up on the Shandong public’s main credit rating. Peng Yuan pointed out that Shandong public sewage treatment and water supply in Jining city business monopoly, sewage treatment and water supply company in 2015, revenue growth, revenue growth, business profitability, the company gained greater government support, Jining City Construction Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Jining urban construction") to provide the effective guarantee to enhance the security of the bonds; at the same time also pay attention to, the company heating business is still at a loss, and the loss rate of expansion, the company’s overall asset liquidity, face greater liquidity pressures and contingent liabilities risk factors. Based on the above, Peng Yuan to maintain the current bond credit rating of AA+, the Shandong public main long-term credit rating from AA- to AA, the rating outlook remained stable. (Zhang Qinfeng) to enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: