August credit survey the growth of public loans or negative growth driven by mortgage douke

August survey: credit loans to the public or negative growth by stimulating mortgage credit survey: August and July is similar to the public or negative growth, by pulling mortgage reporter Yang Xiaoyan Shanghai, Beijing writer Ma Yuan reports from the twenty-first Century economic report reporter survey results, 8 monthly loan structure and growth, and does not seem to have in July too big gap. According to the central bank statistics, in July, RMB loans increased by 463 billion 600 million. Among them, the individual long-term loans (housing mortgage loans) increased by 477 billion 300 million yuan, non-financial enterprises and government bodies (public loans) is reduced by $2 billion 600 million. According to the twenty-first Century economic report reporter of big firms and state-owned shares of the main line of research, due to weak demand, August for the negative growth of corporate loans, overall growth will continue to be a pull, mainly personal housing mortgage loans. At least, in Shanghai, personal housing mortgage loan growth is likely to continue to decline. July new incremental than in June, a new increment of about 29%. On the basis of a large number of public loans or negative growth statistics, its August credit balance declined slightly from last month, down nearly 6%. Recycling chain growth is greater than the growth rate of the ring, so the balance also dropped some. The same period last year, the amount is almost halved." The bank insiders said. Another large state-owned bank sources, the bank’s loans increased less than 30 billion yuan last month. Another line of credit management department official also said that in August the public loans were basically flat, but a larger decline. "Now the balance of public loans than the beginning of the year also rose 5%-6%, a quarter of the surge fell a lot." According to the twenty-first Century economic news reporter survey research, the head office level, in the five assets of the shares of the line, there are four pairs of public loans are negative growth. Weak corporate demand, and then the bank has some assets packaged out, there are some effects." High level of a share bank said. Tianfeng Securities chief banking analyst Liao Zhiming also said the analysis, is expected in August business loans (excluding bill financing) or negative growth, but the fundamental reason the enterprise effective credit demand, but also from the point of view of bonds. As of August 29th August, the local government debt net financing 670 billion 600 million yuan, the chain rose sharply, the impact of the credit data is increased; secondly, the scale of corporate bond financing increases, August net financing of about 300 billion yuan, the substitution effect on credit significantly. Liao Zhiming also predicted that bill financing has increased, or an increase of about 50000000000 yuan. A large line of bills discounted data show that in August the scale of the discount is indeed the highest of the year, an increase of over 4%. Investment, almost no change. However, in August Societe Generale and Guangdong Development Bank have issued policies to tighten real estate related financing. Societe Generale Bank provides that the development of new lending business is not doing three or four lines of the city, not to intervene in the king project, strictly control the proportion of leverage. Growth is still rely on individual housing mortgage loans, according to the twenty-first Century economic report reporter investigation, in five asset trillion shares in August, each loan added about 20 billion yuan on average相关的主题文章: