Asia’s largest airshow 16 Singapore on the opening in the performance is worth looking forward

Asia’s largest airshow 16 Singapore on the opening in the performance is worth looking forward to Pakistan JF-17s posters. The largest commercial aviation and defense aviation exhibition in Asia will be opened in February 16th at the Changi Exhibition Center in Singapore. The airshow will showcase air power from Asia, North America and Europe, media reports said. Lockheed Martin will show its F-35 stealth fighter and F-16 mid life upgrade program, according to the defense news weekly website on February 9th. South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore and Lockheed Martin F-16 signed a mid life upgrade contract, including the development of variable Northrop Grumman agile beam radar (SABR). The Singapore airshow is one of the largest in Asia and one of the most important aviation defense exhibitions in the world, the Singapore airshow organizers stressed, when it comes to the emerging competition from the Asia airshow, the Seoul International Air Defense Exhibition and the China (Zhuhai) airshow. Singapore airshow organizers said: "industry analysts predict that the size of Asia Pacific defense aviation and commercial aviation will continue to grow." By 2018, the defense budget in the Asia Pacific region will grow by more than 19%, reaching about $612 billion. Unlike other Asian air show, Singapore airshow will display a large number of military aircraft from the East and the west, including the F-22 Raptor stealth fighter, fourth generation fighter, F-15 F-16 and V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft, "Globemaster" C-17 (III) transporter, AH-64D Apache attack helicopters and Dassault the rafale. Reported that China aviation technology import and Export Co., Ltd., including Chinese companies will receive much attention. Many Western analysts believe that China’s military modernization and its expansion in the South China Sea are the driving force for regional military procurement and new demands. The China enterprises including Sino German Dornier Sea Wing company, the company will display the "starfish" amphibious aircraft. The aircraft can perform coastal surveillance, patrol, medical first aid, search and rescue, interception of drug trafficking ships and disaster relief missions. Because of China’s expansion in the South China Sea, its interest in amphibious aircraft is becoming increasingly strong.

亚洲最大航展16日新加坡开幕 中企表现值得期待 巴基斯坦枭龙战机宣传海报。   美媒称,亚洲最大的商用航空与防务航空展将于2月16日在新加坡樟宜展览中心开幕,此次航展将展示来自亚洲、北美和欧洲的航空力量。   据美国《防务新闻》周刊网站2月9日报道,洛克希德-马丁公司将展示其F-35隐形战斗机和F-16中期寿命升级计划。韩国、台湾和新加坡均与洛克希德-马丁公司签署了F-16中期寿命升级合同,包括采用诺思罗普-格鲁曼公司研制的可变敏捷波束雷达(SABR)。   报道称,谈到来自亚洲航展的新星首尔国际航空防务展和中国(珠海)航展的潜在竞争时,新加坡航展组织者强调,新加坡航展仍是亚洲最大,也是世界上最重要的航空防务展之一。   新加坡航展组织者说:“业内分析人士预测,亚太地区的防务航空和商用航空规模将持续增长。”预计到2018年,亚太地区的国防预算将增长超过19%,达到约6120亿美元。   与亚洲其他航展不同的是,新加坡航展将展示来自东西方的大量军用飞机,包括F-22“猛禽”隐形战斗机、第四代F-16和F-15战斗机、V-22“鱼鹰”倾转旋翼飞机、“环球霸王”C-17(III)型运输机、AH-64D“阿帕奇”攻击直升机和达索公司的“阵风”战斗机。   报道称,包括中国航空技术进出口有限责任公司在内的中国企业将备受关注。许多西方分析人士都认为,中国的军事现代化及其在南海的扩张是地区军事采购和新需求的推动力。   参展的中国企业包括中德合资的道尼尔海翼公司,该公司将展示“海星”两栖飞机。这种飞机能够执行海岸监视、巡逻、医疗急救、搜救、拦截贩毒船只和灾难救助等任务。由于中国在南海的扩张活动,其对两栖飞机的兴趣日益浓厚。相关的主题文章: