Are You Using The Proper Tooth Whitening Product Answer Of 4 Basic

Dental-Care Tooth whitening products are available today from many sources, making it possible for you to easily achieve that bright smile .fortably from home. A concern that we all should have is whether all these products are safe to use and whether they are effective in whitening the teeth. Most of the teeth whitening products .e with gels that act as the bleaching agent. So, lets take a look at four crucial questions we need to ask ourselves with regards these gels. Fortunately, we also have the answers. 1.Tooth Whitening Gels Which Products are Available? There are many gel products available for tooth whitening due to the increased knowledge of the effectiveness and availability of these products. The most popular are Colgate Palmolive, Proctor and Gamble products. Colgate-Palmolive has the Total Advanced Fresh Gel that is used by applying on the teeth, just like the toothpaste. This gel will work for a long time as it sits on your teeth, thus the effectiveness is very limited in cases where you have to brush the gel off from your teeth, and very little remains. A much better way of improving the gels effectiveness is to use the gel in conjunction with mouth trays. The mouth trays can be bought over the counter, and be fitted in your mouth to make a mold of your dental structure. The formed trays are where the gel will be placed, and you can wear this to bed before sleeping for maximum bleaching. Other gels .e in strips which can be placed on the teeth and be removed after some time. This method, however, does not reach all nooks and crannies, as a result, the effectiveness is also limited. There are also the paint-on gels which are painted on teeth, just the way you paint your nails. You will have to leave your mouth open for the gel to dry and wait for a few hours before cleaning it out. One of the most preferred methods is to visit the dentist who will use a much concentrated gel and probably lasers to effectively whiten the teeth. However, this is a much costlier method. 2.Whats Carbamide Peroxide in Tooth Whitening Gels? Also known as Urea Peroxide, Carbamide peroxide is a bleaching agent used in dental procedures. It is made up of two .ponents, Hydrogen Peroxide and Urea. Thus, it works as effectively as Hydrogen Peroxide. Carbamide peroxides concentration amount varies depends on the available for use at home, ranging from between 10 and 15%. Dentists have a much higher concentration, with 22% which gives more effectiveness. 3.Are There Side Effects in using Carbamide Peroxide? Most home based dental products have concentrations that are very safe to use. Higher dosages (above 35%) are what .e with effects such as irritations on skin, gums and eyes. You may experience some slight sensitivity increase when cool air hits your teeth after the bleaching treatment. This is very temporary and bearable for most people. 4.How Do You Choose the Right Product? The right product for you will generally depend on your lifestyle, budget and your dedication to the whole process. Most products will have their pros and cons; so its really up to you to decide which method will best suit your budget and the results it will produce. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: