Applications Of Rfid Technology-roxane hayward

Advertising UHF RFID Reader and tags are the latest technology aspect used in various industrial applications. It works on ultra high radio frequency. The reader detects the RFID tag which is configured as per the required parameters to match up with the reader. Thus as soon the tag .es in the detection range of the UHF RFID reader , it geta active and .municate with the reader to get the required access as per the configuration. This is the fast way to get access of the parking system without stopping and getting the tickets or making the payment. UHF RFID reader is actively used in parking revenue management system. The reader can be configured by accessing through the .puter system. If reader is connected with .puter, it can give real time monitoring, display and image capturing features also. Auto identification technology based on UHF RFID has the significant importance in inventory management. As per the survey with one of the biggest shopping mall chains, it .es to know that with the help of RFID system, the inventory management at shopping mall have became more easy and helpful to maintain the full stock before it .pletely sell. RFID technology is even useful in product tracking throughout its manufacturing or different stages in process as well in the marketing and selling process. The RFID is even used in product promotion tracking with .pletely transparency. The manufacturer issue a RFID tag to the products given to retailers and after a certain time frame; they can auto-check the promotion product status, whether they are promoted by shop keeper to sell or still there in the shop. RFID system including reader and various types of tags are used in transportation, logistics, infrastructure management and protection. The UHF RFID reader and tags (active tags, RFID passive tags and battery operated tags) are even utilized in various types of identification processes. Medical hospitals, libraries, museums, schools & universities, sports are some of the areas where RFID technology is widely used in our day to day routines. Access control system and RFID technology are greatly incorporated to deliver variety of security and revenue generation solutions that are most useful and adopted in our society. Global Keyaccess Technologies Ltd., based at China is a key manufacturer of various type of access control system , parking revenue management systems (ticket parking revenue, card parking revenue), 3G environment monitor access controller for rooms, building, parking etc. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: