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Apple launched a new version of macOS Sierra, Siri, Mac- [Technews] new technology technology Sohu launched with iOS 10 after one week apart, apple today (921) also officially launched a new version of macOS Sierra. The new operating system of apple computer is still a small revision, in addition to the name of "get rid of 1999 remained Mac OS X", another somewhat important function later, is Siri. The Siri Siri is present in the form of App, but can also be removed from the Dock, using only the command + spacebar shortcut keys or "Hey Siri" to enable. The basic experience is similar to the iOS on the Siri, you can connect to the Apple Music, the Internet search keywords, check the weather, add reminders, view photos, etc.. The Siri search results will exist in the form of Widget (Source: Apple) is different, because the macOS Finder file system, so Mac Siri at the optimal level, strengthen the ability to search the archives, but also does not integrate with Spotlight. Also due to the multi macOS design is far stronger than iOS, so the results of a query can also be Widget in the form of Siri to remain in the notification center, or directly drag the way to allow the use of App. Interestingly, as Apple’s artificial intelligence and many algorithms of the Siri core, originally only appeared in the ARM based processor, this is the first Intel to the X86 platform, and apparently also let Apple spent some energy. This may also be a long-term observation, how Apple will face the future development of X86 and ARM processor. Automatic optimization of space macOS Sierra also provides a mechanism to clean up the space of the device, so that the integration of iCloud and equipment deeper. MacOS Sierra will provide two options in the settings, including "store in iCloud" and "optimized storage space". The former will put some file to a iCloud, like a full resolution photos of old files, email attachments and documents, and the latter will automatically remove some unnecessary files, such as Safari Apple and Music App temporary files, not commonly used. The iCloud can now be two folder synchronization "desktop" and "file" to other devices (Source: Apple) although Apple claimed this function can significantly increase the idle space, and because the SSD mechanism will follow significantly improve system performance, but people are not full, Apple seems to be in order to maintain the high相关的主题文章: