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A group of older students for 100 years old birthday celebration Chongyang (Photos) – Beijing, Sichuan online news (reporter Fan Jun Li Xiangyu photo coverage) in October 9th, Chinese traditional festival festival. The same day, Nanchong City Social Welfare Center, Jialing District relief charity, Jialing District Elderly University jointly organized the "Qing He Chongyang hundred performances, 85 old people’s welfare center and spend the Chung Yeung Festival, and the day coincided with the 100th birthday of the center Bi Jun Chen old man too. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you……" Sichuan Daily reporter saw at the scene of the theatrical performance in modern dance, "a cheerful love" in the Jialing after with the familiar melody, helped the staff in the Jialing District Welfare Center social assistance in Nanchong City, Chen Bijun longevity of the elderly slowly into the scene. Chen Bijun old man has been 100 years old this year, is the first hundred years old welfare center." According to the welfare center director He Chaoqun said that the day is the Double Ninth Festival, and coincides with the old Chen Bijun 100th birthday, and the joint area of the center of charity, elderly university held this "Qing Chongyang, open up a fresh outlook hundred performances. "Happy Birthday to you, miss chen." Filled with shy smile, Chen Bijun old man standing right in front of the show, when placed in a big cake with candles on a small cart slowly came to the old man, welfare center and district charity staff, volunteers, social elderly university "aged students" and the old people living in welfare center the chorus singing the birthday song, and together with the elderly blowing votive candles, cut the birthday cake. "Thank you, thank you!" for a time, the old man Chen Bijun surprised and moved into the corner of the bottom of my heart warm tears. Reporters on the scene, although already 100 years old, old Chen Bijun still hale and hearty. "Don’t look like 100 years old." Welfare in the center area of social assistance the nurse Ren Shuqun told reporters, Chen Bijun old love for clean, regular and special diet, especially love sports, every morning and evening, Chen Bijun the old man in the center walk for half an hour or so, "the happy time, to walk for an hour." Subsequently, 40 from the Jialing District Elderly University, the average age of 56 years old student who has performed has performed a dance "emotion", "dancing gorge cloud on the fly", music ensemble "song of the guerrillas", hulus solo variety show, 85 elderly people the party for the Double Ninth Festival and welfare center, site of a song and laughter, applause, climax, the whole welfare center immersed in a sea of joy.相关的主题文章: