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This year 98 IPOs average of 12 consecutive word limit board – Sohu securities   two this year, 98 new shares listed, the securities times? Data treasure from consecutive trading days, open trading board continues to rise after the space, maximum amplitude of back to nature after the listing of the trend characteristics systematically. After listing the average of 12 consecutive word limit plate up to 98 new shares yesterday listed, only 24 have not yet opened, the remaining 74 stocks average harvest 12 word limit board. Among them, only 7 shares of Tianshun over 20 days the word limit; LLL shares of 20 stocks continuous word limit ranged from 15 days to 20 days; Weihong shares of 21 to 15 days the word limit only 10; in addition, 26 new shares after the listing of the word limit of less than 10 days. At present, May 30th listed shares of small plates, the GEM stocks Tianshun shares hengtaishida, June 8th listed shares of small plates listed after the global printing, even received a 21 word limit board (excluding the first day), topped the list. Feng Yuan, Department of Xinguang pharmaceutical shares, Shanghai and Shanghai, a country listed after the harvest 20 word limit board. In stark contrast, the August listing of the Bank of Jiangsu, Bank of Guiyang word limit was 2 days and 4 days, brokerage stocks first venture also received only one word limit board 4. The concern is that in July 26th the two new shares listed shares and Huafeng bladelogic as of yesterday’s close is still in the closed state, for 21 consecutive days the word limit. On board the highest increase in the space of 50% most of the shares opened after the word limit board, did not stop the pace of rising, continue to go round rally. The highest and last word limit price comparison, the average rise up to 50%, among them, 9 new shares rose doubled. March 24th listed uomnilamp word limit for 10 consecutive days, then continue to harvest 4 trading board. In August after the stock pulled up sharply, the most expensive rehabilitation compared with the last word limit price of 32.08 yuan, an increase of up to 277%. The stock price after the average rate of 27% new shares back to nature after, if the high price to buy, then the maximum amplitude to track back the number? Data treasure statistics, this year the average price of new shares compared to the average callback 27%. April 19th listed shares closed 14 Weihong, a word limit board, the price callback two days out of the wave of a strong rally to continue. At the end of 6 the highest price reached 259.97 yuan, after the shock callback, fell to an intraday low of 147 yuan, the callback rate reached 43%, ranking first. It is worth mentioning that, after the listing in July and has opened a word limit of 13 new shares, the average callback of 14%. In recent months, the market has improved, popular warmer, new shares as a popular concept of plate repeatedly by the market, after the opening of the daily limit, the majority of the stock did not appear depth callback. 34 announced three quarter results 13 years pre IPO, announced 67 semi annual results, net profit year-on-year growth of 8%, and currently on the market as a whole rather basic level. Stocks performance differentiation significantly, 70%;相关的主题文章: