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Fitness-Equipment If you want to maximize your body’s muscle building potentials, one of the first (and probably one of the most important also) things you must do is to know the truth about everything related to muscle building. There are so many myths flying around these days that it has be.e quite difficult to distinguish between myths and truths. What’s really scary is that some myths pose serious danger to people who believe in them. What’s making matters worse is many of the so-called "experts" are actually relying on the propagation of those myths to sell all those expensive pills, powders and "miracle programs" that they are promoting. For your own good and safety, I advice you to read up first on things about what you’re planning on doing and learn about the myths and misconceptions that surround it. And I’m giving you that advice not just for muscle building but also for anything that’s yet unfamiliar to you. Anyway, to help you get started, here are 4 muscle building myths that, if relied upon as facts, could either get you nowhere or inflict serious injuries on you. Myth #1 – You must achieve a "pump" during your workout in order to build muscle. And the greater the pump you get, they say, the more your muscles grow. What is a "pump" anyway? Well, it’s like this. Blood gets pumped to your muscles when you workout with weights which makes your muscles look fuller and more vascular. And it feels good, too. This is (in muscle/body building parlance) is refered to as "muscle pump" or simply "pump". The thing is this is .plete nonsense. The "pump" actually has nothing at all to do with how much your muscles will grow. It’s really just a temporary side effect of training with weights. Myth #2 – Building muscles will make you slower and less flexible If you know an athletea runner, a swimmer, a gymnast, a football player, any athlete for that matter, or if you’ve watched sports events involving any of those athletes I’ve mentioned, you should know that this is not true. Just look at the legs of those runners, those shoulders and backs of those swimmers, and the body structure of those gymnasts. They’re huge! Now, are they slower? Are they less flexible? Definitely not. Myth #3 – High repetitions give you muscle definition. Simply not true. To get more muscle definition, what you must do is to lower your body fat level. Getting rid of most of your body fat will reveal more of the underlying muscle that they would otherwise be covering. The real key to getting well defined muscles is to watch what you eat. Myth #4 – The more you workout, the bigger your muscles will grow. You will not get very far believing in this one. Actually, it can even get you into trouble. Muscles grow when they undergo the repair and recovery process. And the repair and recovery process only takes place when muscles are properly rested. Learn How to Build Muscle Quickly . Get This Free eBook Guide on How To Gain Muscle Fast Now. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: