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Software Todays technology has made it much easier for everyday men and women with average skill sets to produce professional and comprehensive websites for their businesses, family memories and more. It wouldnt be possible for the average person to create and launch a website without the help of web design software. Web design software was created to help individuals with average computer skills execute simple tasks in order to create comprehensive, attractive websites. Initially, web design software was very basic but, over the past few years, the programs and features of design software have become significantly more advanced. If youre looking to create your first website using web design software, we suggest looking for these 5 features to help make things easier: 1.HTML Editor. An HTML editor will easy and conveniently transform your normal text into HTML. A web page requires HTML code to produce content and, with this feature, simple text elements like bold, italics, numbering etc. will be converted from plain text to HTML. 2.Visual Site Design. Its important that your site contains content but its also important to have a nice design. Visual Site Design allows you to choose backgrounds and images that suit your needs. Youd be surprised, but the colors and layout of your website can significantly impact your visitors experience. 3.Photo Gallery Creator. A popular feature for many when creating a new website is a photo gallery. Whether youre creating a website from a hobby or to showcase your family memories, photos are important. A photo gallery creator makes it easy to upload photos, insert them into a photo gallery and create easy-to-use navigation for your visitors. 4.Blog Design Software. Many website creators are becoming more and more dependent on blog design software. Setting your website up as a blog (or adding a blog to your website) is an easy and quick way to add content to your website. Blog software also allows visitors to comment on your articles and bookmark your article with several different social media sites. 5.Shopping Cart Creator. A significant number of people designing their own websites are creating them to sell a product or service. A very important element for any shopping site is a shopping cart. To design a shopping cart on your own would be nearly impossible for the average novice web designer but an easy-to-use shopping cart creator will do all the work for you thats the greatest thing about web design software right there! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: