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UnCategorized Aside from the sheer joy we receive from wearing a lovely piece of jewelry, owning various displays of gems, precious stones, gold and other metals holds symbolic references for many people. Jewelry and its raw materials are commodities upon which a whole environment of speculation occurs. In other instances, the actual pieces of jewelry become investments for collectors. Elaborate jewelry is a way of life for some cultures. And for others, jewelry is a frivolous bobble to dress up an outfit. Whatever significance jewelry holds for the individual, there is no doubt that jewelry is important in most cultures for diverse reasons. When costume jewelry was less popular and before it was seen as a fashion statement, there was a specific line drawn between those who could afford to wear fine jewelry and those who could only wear imitations. Fine jewelry wearers, especially those who could afford luxury jewelry, wore gaudy rings, brooches, and bracelets to show their wealth. The higher their financial status or the higher their position in society, the more items they wore and the more expensive the pieces. Jewelry represented their notion of wealth. Traditionally for many women, the only time they received a fine piece of jewelry was for special occasions. Almost all North American women owned one piece of gold with a diamond and that was their wedding ring sets. As the couples grew older and they could afford more, the men might give the women a ring or necklace on the birth of their children. In fact, a special Mother’s ring is set with the birthstones of each child. Thus, jewelry worn by wives and mothers represents love and momentous occasions. Others, both men and women, wear jewelry solely as personal adornments. The appearance of the jewelry with the outfit is cosmetic only. It is not important whether the pieces are fine jewelry or fashion jewelry as long as they complement the clothing and the personality. And the jewelry may be flamboyant or demure depending on the person’s mood. Further, jewelry denotes membership in clubs such as fraternities, personal achievements such as graduation rings from a particular educational institute, and even family heritage. Certain families have their coat of arms engraved on brooches and rings and often these pieces are handed down through the generations. Family heirlooms are passed on from ancestors keeping the secrets or stories of the family alive. Take for instance, Aunt Mable’s enchanting love story that goes along with her pretty strand of white pearls. The story is equally as important as the pearls so each new generation hears the legend to perpetuate forever. Lastly, jewelry is an investment. Rare pieces that hold historic significance are collected, insured and considered valuable assets. In fact, nowadays the pieces do not have to be antique to be considered worthy. If the piece was worn or owned by a celebrity, that is appealing to others creating intrinsic value. And although gold prices have fluctuated over time, there is still merit in keeping gold in a portfolio. In summary, jewelry is one of those odd creations with universal appeal. It breaks through all cultures and has different meanings in various circumstances. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: