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Software WMS and SCM applications are typically external and you may expect some budget in system implementation, possible customization and integration to your existing Corporate ERP application in our case we assume that you are using Microsoft Dynamics GP or former Great Plains Dynamics. You might be also considering Dynamics AX Axapta, especially when your Microsoft Dynamics Partner considers that AX is more geared toward mid-market enterprise. This small publication is dedicated to WMS existing customers who have issues with external Warehouse Management System integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP and who are looking for second opinion. We will be using Barcoding related terminology, so the text might look a bit technical, if you see dissonance with the title, please feel free to invite IT people to help you with the technical side 1.External WMS versus Warehouse Management Add-Ons. Please, try to put yourself into Software Development .pany shoes. You have to create the product with rich functionality and the best way to pay for this is to cover large stratus of ERP, MRP, Retail and Accounting systems customers. Plus system should be as .puter platform independent as possible, be external and resolve integration to Backoffice, ERP, Accounting systems via connectors. Those connectors are something that you have to do at the end of the software development cycle. ERP market is represented by several platforms from Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, and other vendors and you probably would have to create connectors for all the above and then schedule more for smaller ERP players. WMS connector concept often leads you to the point of WMS integration implementation, where you have to .e through budget approval cycle and we have heard from our WMS leads that integration might cross the budget and its reserves 2.WMS extensions. These systems work directly within your ERP application and enable functionalities, already available and paid for Barcode scanning and required WMS features. In our opinion this fact saves your software licenses money, as you do not have to pay second time for duplicating external WMS functionality. WMS extension is also open for budget modification, and we realized that each or many of the Supply Chain Management customers are unique (and this is their market .petition paradigm) do not be afraid of minor customization 3.Customer profile. This is very hypothetical scenario, if you have your own please contact us at the phone or email below. Lets assume that you are manufacturing on the customer order, but the production process is simple and you are doing this with Barcoding automation on the warehouse floor. You also ship to your e.merce B2B customers USA, Canada, Mexico nationwide and internationally and your e.merce shopping cart platform is Magento or ASP Dot Net Storefront. You are also participating in Spare Parts restocking EDI channel. Your finished goods have serial or lot number. You are selling your items in POS manner directly through your franchisees network and you are deploying such retail applications as Microsoft RMS or Counterpoint. 4.If you see the match in the customer profile, or if you would like to hear second opinion on Dynamics GP WMS, SCM, Distribution, Logistics, Manufacturing, Barcoding, e.merce systems or modules implementations, please call our office at 1-866-528-0577 or email us [email protected] We serve you in Southern California, Chicagoland of Illinois, Houston metro of Texas, Michigan state (local phone number is 1 (269) 605-0330). To tell you the truth majority of our customers are dispersed statistically USA, Canada and internationally About the Author: 相关的主题文章: