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Cruising-Sailing The City of Dreams is not just popular for its bling life but also for the tranquil and lively sea and sea beach that sits in the heart of the city solemnly, yet making a very distinct and important presence in the lives of people. While the Mumbai beach is being visited by millions on a regular basis, the beautiful sea with its charisma can only be experienced by exploring the sea on a personal level. This chance of exploring the gorgeous waves of the Arabian Sea is presented solely by the water sport activity of sailing. Going for sailing in Mumbai is a very popular activity for Mumbaikars and the same is proving true for visitors as well. Sailing is a wonderful sport activity; not just it allows people to experience the fun and adventure of a water sport activity but also allows people to explore the city from an all together different perspective and angle. While sailing is thrilling and adventurous, it doesn’t pose any major threats to the participants. Moreover, the participants of the sailing boats are always accompanied by expert sailors or guides, who guide the participants on how to handle the yacht or how to control themselves in order to remain safe and secure during the trip. While sailing in Mumbai has become a pretty popular water sport activity these days and more and more people are opting for this activity as a quality trip in holidays and their special days, sailing is not at all a new thing for Mumbai. The availability of sailing as a water sport activity in Mumbai dates back to hundred of years, as this sport activity was originally introduced in Mumbai by the Britishers. This sport activity took place in Mumbai for the very first time in the early years of the 1800s and since then, it has attracted a lot of positive feedback from the adventure sport enthusiasts and regular tourists alike. While by the time Britishers left our country, there were as many as 5 different sailing clubs in Mumbai, the Mumbai Sailing Club stands today as the most prominent and important sailing club in Mumbai, which is situated at the very spot of the Gateway of India. It is also the only sailing club in Mumbai which provides all the facilities related to sailing, other than availing many other types of water sport activities for the enthusiasts. Mumbai is a place that never dies down on the options of recreations. However; one of the major reasons which keeps people bringing back to sailing in Mumbai is that this activity is a versatile activity in itself. It makes for a perfect gift option for the special days of those people who are extremely close to us and the best thing about this sport activity is that it can be experienced and relished with anyone and everyone. Whether you plan a trip with someone who is extremely special in your life or a fun trip with your family, you can enjoy sailing with anyone. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: