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Web-Development Android application development is nowadays one of the key flourishing factors in the market of smart phones. The Android allow smart phones ease the user with a wide range of features. On the other hand the business area does want to be detached from the users of Android phones. If the Android phone user cant download the website on his mobile phone device then it could be a key failure for the business and a benefit to the .petitors to knock the emptiness in the marketplace. Google’s Android operating system has shake the world of mobile application development, and here are some of the reason behind the of android apps success. Android is an open source platform, so u doesnt need any license to use it. So you can save your priceless time and the apps can be developed quickly. The procedure of android app development is alleviating of using the technology to develop the apps. The Android stage being an open source has got the hold of the development society. The development .munity contributes incessantly towards development of significant apps. The development and advertising of Android is headed and .pletely supported by Google. As the costing of Android app development is reasonably less the return on investment is also high and this has improved the .mand of it. There are many android application developers in the market that now offer Android apps development services at very affordable price. The Software Development Kit is extremely useful for the developers. There are readymade codes for app. The Android SDK is growing incessantly and every side of the SDK has got incredible new and dissimilar. This makes the app. development task very simple for the Android app developer. And here are some of the figures that indicate the increased demand of android smart phones. The Android marketplace remains ahead of Apples App Store in terms of new flourishes of content. As of the end of July it .prises 256,441 apps, 34% of which are paid. In July 2011 Android marketplace added 19,200 new apps, growing 1.8% per week. From the last few months the level of new ads remained steady and averaged 4,300 new apps added to the store per week. Though, lately developers have started to select a free app model more frequently than before. If in April the share of new paid apps added was approximately 38%, in July it dropped to as low as 24%. The Android Market has generated 5.6 billion downloads to date, however, paid downloads are scarce .pared to free. As Android’s increase continues to burst as the release of the Droid, one developer, in fact, wrote that his app, which was viewing unassuming, double-digit daily sales early last year, now reports that his app is making $12,900 a month. If the current situations continue then android will defiantly be.es one of the leading .pany in smart phone market. There are numbers of .pany offers android app development services at affordable price you can easily hire developers through this .panies. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: