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Photography Photography has a very important role in everybody’s life. It helps people in storing the most wonderful and memorable moments of life in form of photographs or videos. These days photography is also a booming career option for youngsters. Professional photography is full of glamor and one can earn enough money to secure his/her future in this field. There are several basic things that every people with interest in photography must know. Experienced and professional photographers must be aware of these photographic terms, but it may be of great help for every aspiring professional photographer as well as a photographer by hobby. Even if you don’t have interest in photography, you can get benefit by knowing these terms better. It will help you capture your family photographs during popular occasions like festivals and social celebrations better. Let’s have a look on some popular photography terms: Mega pixels Pixels are the smallest element of a digital picture. A digital picture .prises of thousands or millions of pixels. More the pixels better the quality of image. Mega pixels define the capability of a camera to take sharper pictures. A camera with more mega pixels can take sharper images than a camera with less mega pixels capability. Optical Zoom Optical zoom decides the capability of a camera to take pictures till larger distances. It brings distant objects closer to help us capture sharp and detailed long shots and quickly frame images for better .position. A camera with high optical zoom can help people in capturing true images with very fine quality without distortion. Aperture A small, circular opening inside the lens that can change in diameter to control the amount of light reaching the camera’s sensor when a picture is being taken. The aperture diameter is expressed in f-stops; the lower the number, the larger the aperture. For instance, the aperture opening when set to f/2.8 is larger than at f/8. Many cameras have an aperture priority mode that allows you to adjust the aperture to your own liking. A larger aperture passes more light through to the sensor. Shutter Speed It determines, for how long the shutter of camera is open when a picture is being taken from Camera. The slower the shutter speed, the longer the exposure time. Shutter speed together with the aperture controls the total amount of light reaching the sensor. [To be continued . . .] About the Author: 相关的主题文章: