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Arts-and-Entertainment India is a country of various regional languages. Maharashtra is the second populous state. It has much diversity in its religion, culture and custom. Same effect has been seen on the Marathi literature. Marathi novel has a lasting effect on the Indian history of literature and novel. Many famous authors such as Kusum Abhyankar, Madhav Achawal, M.N.Advent, Gopal ganesh Agarkar have given Marathi novels as their masterpieces to the Marathi people. Many publishing houses take pride in publishing the books, novel and are known because of their accountability. One such publishing house is Continental Prakashan. Late Mr. AnantRao Kulkarni founded it. Most of their books are the creation of author name Chi VI Joshi. Some of the Marathi books and stories of this books and novels are part of the curriculum in schools and colleges. Early Marathi literature goes back to 1800. After the era of 1800, Marathi literature was categorized as modern. Three authors have been awarded with Jnanpith award for their Marathi Novels. Another publishing house, Manovikas Prakashan also bring Marathi katha into the market and they make it available on reasonable rates for many people to find it accessible. Each year, sahitya academy gives sahitya academy awards to Marathi katha writers. This is given for the outstanding contribution in the field of Marathi books and literature. Publishing houses such as continental prakashan, manovikas prakashan, rajhans prakashan and many more has increased the number of readers and the number of books sold on the shelf. Above mentioned publication house and many others now are catering customers to buy Marathi books online. Many bookstores online, offer Marathi books online purchase. One of the known and highly searched website in Marathi bookstore online is myhangoutstore… These online stores give free home delivery in their city. They have categorized books for the uses to choose. Marathi books online provide all the available books based on literature, novels, for children, books related to health, fiction. Owner encourage customer to buy Marathi books online to have more customer base and attract more people to read books in their regional languages. To buy Marathi books online purchase is easy and its saves time and energy. User has to place the order and pay the entire payment on the delivery of the article. Cancellation and request for new books and ordering is done online. If the price of the book is more than 200 than extra Rs 30 is charged as shipping amount. Marathi books shop online provide a right platform for user to see the vast variety of books available. Marathi authors such as Ambika sarkar, Laxman Sardesai, Vilas sarang. All these can be easily found and order through Marathi bookstore online. Overall, the trend to purchase items from Marathi bookshop online is here to stay. Any transit related query or availability of a particular book can be known beforehand and this saves time and energy of a reader. Still people love to read the words from the books and not from the e-books available on latest gismos. This helps in improving the .mand and knowledge over the regional language. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: