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Motivation As I read the following stories of world-renowned people who have succeeded to the ultimate level in their respective elds, I said to myself, All they had when they started their journey was belief in themselves because they overcame some major obstacles to succeed. I am a true believer in reading success stories to nd the inspiration and consistent motivation needed to achieve your personal WHY in life. As I have written in past issues, you need a mastermind group around you in order to truly ourish. When I rst said that I was going to build an international business when I was only 26 years old and achieve enormous success, everyone thought that I had lost my mind but what kept me fueled up was reading stories of other achievers and how they struggled to reach their achievements. As many of you know, I went on to fulll my dream and now I am building an international personal development business that will help many people achieve their dreams. The following are stories that I know will help you realize that all you need to do is BELIEVE in your ultimate outcome and you WILL achieve it! FAILURES…BUT NOT QUITE The teacher of famous opera singer Enrico Caruso said Caruso had no voice at all and couldnt sing. Eighteen publishers turned down Richard Bachs 10,000 word story about a soaring seagull before MacMillan nally published it in 1970. By 1975, Jonothan Livingston Seagull had sold more than 7 million copies in the U.S. alone. Thomas Edison was thrown out of school in the early grades when the teachers decided he couldnt do the work. R. H. Macy failed seven times before his store in New York caught on. President Harry S. Truman went broke in the mens clothing store he started. When Bob Dylan performed at a high school talent show, his classmates booed him off the stage. Now you need to visualize your own story in this article and what will it say? You have the ability to design your own story RIGHT NOW or you can allow others to tell you what you can do! Remember, you do not want to be part of the Should have, would have, IF Club, which years from now, you will stop and say to yourself, I should have, would have, if only I knew, etc.! You have the keys to succeed in your hands right now. Make a decision today to become a success story and not just a statistic! You need to be proud of your dreams and you need a mastermind team to verbally express your mission. Motivating champions worldwide! John Di Lemme About the Author: 相关的主题文章: