Satellite Tv Vs. Cable Tv Whos Winning The Battle-申威1600

Satellite-TV Ever notice how many people switch using from Cable TV to Satellite TV? Number of Americans using Satellite TV tend to grow more and more each year. It is now in demand in millions of television viewers in United States. So why does this switching happened? What makes Satellite TV won over Cable TV? Well, simply because, it is way better than cable. Here’s how: When it .es to reception quality, .pare to Cable TV, Satellite TV has no "snow". Which means that you get the clearer view. Definitely the reception is much better .pare to Cable TV. Cable .panies talk about digital Cable TV right? Did you know that real truth is that some or most of their channels are analog? Yes they are. Which often means that analog holds a fuzzy picture. When talking about contrast, dish TV signals do not degrade into fuzzy or better known as snowy pictures. In Satellite TV, the equipment that you have is on your own property and nobody can own it but you. Cable only reaches as far as their infrastructure is built while satellite has the entire southern sky. So you do not need to worry when a crew digging up your street to repair the neighborhood sewer line is going to cut your own connection. The service is more reliable than land-based service and nobody can destruct your connection. Satellite TV also offers large number of channels. You definitely have 200 or even more channels and more high-definition television programming (HDTV), giving you more content than Cable TV. What makes it more advance is that all of the channels are broadcast in digital format. Which will give you the highest quality picture and sound. You can also add many additional channels to your satellite line-up. All these will guarantee you more news channels, more sports channels, more special interest channels and exclusive programming. You can only have all that only with dish TV. Nobody definitely wants high priced TV equipment. Most of us look for that cheap but with high quality products. What makes Cable TV expensive is the millions of miles of outdated lines buried below ground, and are in the process of converting their technology to digital. Whereas Satellite TV offers lower programming packages across the board and it will cost you lot cheaper than cable plus it offers more options. So if you are one consumer who really wants to get the most from the money you are paying, you do not need to think twice, better choose Satellite TV. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: