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"Super fish" official survey also underperformed the media original title: Astronomical fish "official investigation and underperformed the media" super fish "vivid discussions, survey it really so difficult? What are the things that thousands of miles away from the media can do, and why is the survey team around us unable to find out? Harbin’s "high price fish" event has made new progress. According to the latest news, the hotel has been ordered to stop operating activities, and will be punished in accordance with the law according to the law. This is the second official survey published recently. However, public opinion does not pay for this. One of the important reasons is that the investigation team of the local investigation team is far behind the media reporters. In the evening of February 15th, the relevant departments in Harbin in the initial "statement" said, because failed to contact the consumer Chen, only on the hotel related to forensics; but the same day, the Beijing News reporter successfully contacted the consumer chen. The evening of February 17th, the local investigation team announced the results after the Beijing News reported that Beijing issued a February 17th editions of manuscripts, "super fish" someone’s Restaurant license has expired. Why the local authorities did not contact the people, the media contacted; why the local government did not find the problem, the media found? This means that the local survey followed the media survey. I ask, if there is no media questioning and investigation, "many problems involving the hotel price of fish" hidden, can be found? In fact, similar to this event, really hard to investigate it? What are the things that thousands of miles away from the media can do, and why is the survey team around us unable to find out? Is it due to the image of the city does not want to find, or dereliction of duty can not be found? It’s worth questioning. Over the years, from Lijiang tour guide event to Qingdao 38 yuan prawn event, until today’s Harbin "high price fish" event…… The basic logic of events is the same: the first is the crazy slaughter nonlocal guest, which was exposed by the media, and then investigate the local government has lagged behind the media survey, finally a tourist city image in the criticism of public opinion in the torrents of collapse. Almost every holiday, there is always a city will be due to a variety of tourism consumption scandal, image ruined. All say "no experience", why there is always love city "follow the footsteps"? Without him, this is the inevitable result of investigation, local hysteresis lazy governance, cover only; or that some of the city’s governance, in fact, is not clear, how the construction of tourism image, how to build the city brand. If not, the development in the era of the Internet, the possibility of cheating incident was exposed is still relatively small, so, in the rapid development of mobile Internet technology today, all the people in the tourist city, dispel the "slaughter knife is a knife" cheating thinking; while the official investigation, must get rid of that "veiled", before go to the media openly. The more secretive, more afraid to advance, the development trend of the 4 events

“天价鱼”官方调查又跑输媒体   原标题:“天价鱼”官方调查又跑输媒体   议论风生   “天价鱼”事件,调查起来真有那么费劲吗?那些千里之外的媒体都能做到的事情,为何就在“身边”的调查小组就是发现不了?   哈尔滨“天价鱼”事件有了新进展。据最新消息,针对已核实的该饭店存在不以真实名称提供服务、餐饮许可证过期等问题,目前涉事饭店已被责令停止经营活动,并将依法依规对其进行行政处罚。   这是官方近期公布的第二次调查结果。不过,舆论并不为此买单。其中,一个重要原因就在于,当地调查小组的调查进度远远落后于媒体记者。   2月15日晚,哈尔滨相关部门在初步“说法”中称,因未能联系到消费者陈先生,只能对涉事饭店方面进行取证;可当天新京报记者却顺利地联系上了消费者陈先生。2月17日晚,当地调查小组公布的结果也是在新京报报道之后才发出——新京报2月17日见报稿件称,“天价鱼”涉事饭店餐饮许可证已过期。为何当地官方没联系上的人,媒体联系上了;为何当地官方没发现的问题,媒体发现了?这说明,当地的调查又走了媒体调查之后。   弱弱问一句,如果没有媒体的不断追问、调查,“天价鱼”涉事饭店隐藏的诸多问题,能不能被发现?其实,类似这种事件,调查起来真有那么费劲吗?那些千里之外的媒体都能做到的事情,为何就在“身边”的调查小组就是发现不了?是碍于城市形象不想发现,还是玩忽职守不能发现?这也颇值得追问。   这些年来,从丽江导游事件到青岛38元大虾事件,直至如今的哈尔滨“天价鱼”事件……事件的推演逻辑基本都是一样的:先是疯狂宰外地客,继而被媒体曝光,然后地方政府的调查又迟迟落后于媒体调查,最终一座旅游城市的形象在汹汹舆论的质疑声中坍塌。几乎每一个假期之后,总有一座城市会因为各种各样的旅游消费“丑闻”,形象大毁。   都说“吃一堑长一智”,可为什么总有城市喜欢“步人后尘”?无他,这是调查迟滞、地方遮丑、懒惰治理的必然结果而已;或者说,一些城市的治理者,其实并没有搞清楚,该究竟如何塑造旅游形象,如何打造城市品牌。   如果说,在互联网没有发展的时代,宰客事件被曝光的可能性还相对较小,那么,在移动互联技术迅猛发展的今天,旅游城市里的所有人,都该打消“能宰一刀是一刀”的宰客思维了;而官方调查,也必须摆脱那种“犹抱琵琶半遮面”的状态,大大方方走到媒体之前。越是遮遮掩掩、越是畏葸不前,其事件发展的态势就越发不可掌控。毕竟,一旦闯入公共事件,对当事商户也罢,对城市形象也罢,伤害是谁也无法承受的。   □曹旭刚(媒体人) 责任编辑:黄睿 SN224相关的主题文章: