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South China Construction docking Guangzhou one hour bus circle – Guangdong Channel – People’s original title: South China Construction docking Guangzhou one hour bus circle     the next three years, Foshan Nanhai will be fully docking on public transport trip Guangzhou. 8, Nanhai District held the "Guangfo city convenient travel" Nanhai transportation brand construction action plan mobilization conference three years, officially released the relevant construction plan of action plan. "Bus priority" is the main starting point of the project, will carry out eleven specific projects around the vehicle and road, "three key forty-six work, create an important research area and towns street to the airport, high-speed railway, Guangzhou Foshan metro system, transportation hub, Guicheng district and Guangzhou important area 1 hours express bus travel service circle". The specific implementation plan, will be built to track traffic and transport as the main body, the bus as the support, to the shuttle bus, custom bus, business line and taxi to supplement, bicycle and walking and other green travel based multi-level, diversified public transport service system development. For example, this year will introduce business buses, customized buses, bus lines and other diversified service lines 22. South China Sea will open two business lines connecting Guangzhou, the first is the South China Sea hi tech Zone to Guangzhou Pearl River new city; the second is the South China Sea hi tech Zone to Guangzhou South Railway Station, an hour can be direct. On the spot, the opening ceremony and experience of the first departure line of the commercial line directly to Guangzhou were held, and the Guangzhou Municipal Transport Committee also held a greeting ceremony. It is reported that business line models is the 9 big business car SAIC customized, one seat, ticket price as long as 15 yuan, cheaper than a taxi, a stop line, but also can realize the "customized service", can be designated class, can also download mobile phone reservation, registration APP "such as" book pay by bus. The South China Sea also plans this year opened a custom bus 11, mainly around the junction of Guangzhou and Foshan three towns in Guicheng, Dali, the water in the butt to develop the line, the core area of Guangzhou subway transportation hub, including the Fangcun bus station, subway station, subway station chabay Chang Gang, the GuangZhou East Railway Station, subway station, the southern daily flower Bay station, the 11 lines and Guangfu line, 1st line, line two, line three, line five, line six, line eight and other comprehensive docking. There are many types of customized buses, ranging from 16 to 53. In addition to the established departure frequency, the public can also according to their own needs, through the "as scheduled" APP appointment customized travel time, gather enough people will be able to start, and ensure that one person, one seat, comfortable and direct. (Zhang Suquan) (commissioning editor Yang Jieli and Zhang Haiyan) 南海建设对接广州一小时公交圈–广东频道–人民网 原标题:南海建设对接广州一小时公交圈       未来三年,佛山南海将在公共交通出行上全面对接广州。8日,南海区召开了“广佛同城 便捷出行”南海交通品牌建设三年行动计划动员大会,正式发布行动计划的相关建设方案。   “公交优先”是方案的主要抓手,具体将开展围绕“车、路、人”三个关键词的十一大工程四十六项工作,打造“重要产学研片区和各镇街到机场、高铁、广佛地铁系统、交通枢纽、桂城中心区及广州重要片区1小时快线公交出行服务圈”。   具体实施计划方面,将搭建以轨道交通和新交通为主体,常规公交为支撑,以专线巴士、定制公交、商务专线及出租车为补充,自行车和步行等绿色出行方式为主的多层次、多元化公共交通服务发展体系。   例如今年将引入商务巴士、定制巴士、专线巴士等多元化服务线路22条。南海将开通两条对接广州的商务专线,第一条是南海金融高新区至广州珠江新城;第二条是南海金融高新区至广州南站,一小时内可直达。活动现场举行了直达广州的商务专线首发车揭幕仪式及体验活动,广州市交委方面也举行了迎接仪式。   据悉,商务专线车型是上汽集团定制的9座大商务车,一人一座,票价优惠价只要15元,比坐出租车便宜,中途不停车,专线还可实现“定制化服务”,可定点发班,也可以手机预约,下载注册APP“如约行”预定支付乘车。   南海还计划在今年内开通定制巴士11条,主要围绕广佛交界处的三个镇街桂城、大沥、里水制定线路,对接广州核心区的地铁交通枢纽,包括芳村客运站、地铁沙贝站、昌岗地铁站、广州东站、南方日报社站、地铁花地湾站等,这11条线路将与广佛线、一号线、二号线、三号线、五号线、六号线、八号线等全面对接。   定制公交有多种车型,从16座―53座不等。除了既定的出发班次,市民也可以根据自己的需求,通过“如约行”APP预约定制选择时间出行,凑够人数就能发车,而且确保一人一座位,舒适直达。(张素圈) (责编:杨杰利、张海燕)相关的主题文章: