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Offshore RMB decline to expand to nearly 1 months low – Sohu financial FX168 news (February 1st), offshore RMB against the U.S. dollar in New York trading period decline expansion, and touched the recent 1 months low point 6.6204. China’s foreign exchange trading center (CFETS) in the early morning of the New York issue of RMB exchange rate will continue to refer to a basket of currencies to enhance the elasticity of the article, causing the market to further devaluation of the RMB worries, most economists and traders said the market overreaction. The article said that in January the RMB exchange rate index is generally stable, Chinese have the ability and conditions to keep the RMB exchange rate to a basket of currencies stable trader in New York, there is no reason to believe that Chinese authorities hope before the Spring Festival market. Another trader in New York says the market is now paying attention to Tuesday’s middle price. Robert Minikin, a London based Forex strategist at Standard Chartered in London, said in a Bloomberg phone interview that CFETS’s article may not be a signal to the market. Recently, the central parity of RMB stable performance just to quell the start of market turmoil. The stability of the intermediate price can not continue, at some point, its volatility will definitely rise again. Since last year’s 8 – 11 change, the market has seen enough accidents, "the Chinese government has learned the experience, so it is unlikely to see another policy mutation."". Shaun Osborne, chief foreign exchange strategist at HSBC Bank in Toronto, said in an interview that the statement on the enhanced elasticity of the basket of reference currencies might imply further softening of the renminbi. Osborne pointed out that before the lunar new year, the market will be in wait-and-see mode, is expected in 2016 the RMB against a basket of currencies stable, weaker dollar.

离岸人民币跌幅扩大至近1个月来低点-搜狐理财   FX168讯周一(2月1日)离岸人民币兑美元在纽约交易时段跌势扩大,并触及近1个月来低点6.6204。纽约时段早盘中国外汇交易中心(CFETS)刊登人民币汇率将继续参考一篮子货币增强弹性的文章,引发市场对人民币进一步贬值的担忧,多数经济学家和交易员表示市场反应过度。  文章表示,1月份人民币汇率指数总体平稳,中国有条件也有能力继续保持人民币汇率对一篮子货币基本稳定  驻纽约的交易员表示,没有理由认为中国当局在春节之前希望市场大幅震荡。  另一位驻纽约的交易员表示,市场当前关注周二的中间价。  渣打驻伦敦的亚洲外汇策略师Robert Minikin在接受彭博电话采访时表示,CFETS的文章可能并不是为了向市场发出某种信号。近期人民币中间价稳定的表现只是为了平息开年时动荡的市场。  中间价的稳定不可能持续,某个时间点其波动性肯定会再次抬高。  自从去年8?11汇改以后,市场已经看到足够多的意外,“中国政府已经学到了经验,所以不太可能看到又一个政策的突变”。  丰业银行驻多伦多的首席外汇策略师Shaun Osborne在接受采访时表示,声明中对参考货币篮子增强弹性的描述,可能暗示人民币将进一步更加广泛的走软。  Osborne指出,农历新年前市场将处于观望模式,预计2016年人民币对一篮子货币走稳,兑美元走软。相关的主题文章: