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You have burst point high popularity price quality laptop new Qi recommended at present, commercial notebook computer has many exquisite appearance design, configuration properties of the mainstream, and many are the recent listing of new products. In addition to new more eye-catching, several other popular reasons or the recent price of awesome, resulting in a more cost-effective choice for consumers. For the recent purchase of notebook computer needs of consumers, may wish to focus on the next. In this paper, in order to make it more targeted to buy, only recommended the current most popular by consumers, by DELL  , led by 7000, interested consumers can consider starting.     to live 7000 DELL fuel burning box from the beginning of last year, the computer industry has ushered in a storm on the micro micro frame, frame of this exploration, not only has the characteristics of more distinctive in appearance, while the visual experience also has the nature of ascension. And following XPS  13 this high value of the micro border notebook, DELL once again launched a new notebook: DELL   burning 7000. The machine is a real three edge micro frame, can be described as a panoramic micro border. Currently, the machine opened in the mall Jingdong pre-sale price of 4999 yuan, the pursuit of fashion appearance and light experience of young user groups can be considered. The value and content of the coexistence of DELL   7000 micro frame notebook has opened the sale. In the pre-sale price 4999 yuan, you can receive 200 yuan purchase coupons, enjoy the value of 599 yuan 4 years warranty upgrade service, let you houguwuyou. Moreover, the sun can also send a single Jingdong E card. August 30th officially on sale the same day, can enjoy 12 ious free service, for as low as 13 yuan. DELL   burning 7000 micro frame notebook gold installed on the list of DELL   burning the main theme of the box can not live, using a fine surface of 3 to 7mm ultra narrow frame design, the visual sense of the broader. In addition to the 14 inch model weighs only 1.6Kg, meet the overall trend of younger age groups than bound. Its use of aluminum alloy body, metal texture. The edge of the diamond cutting process grinding, bright and clean and highlight the quality. DELL   7000 laptop in the border; burning micro configuration, DELL   equipped with the latest fuel; 7000 generation Intel core I processor, the performance is more strong. Support dual hard drives, speed and capacity. Plus 16GB  DDR4  2133Mhz memory, as well as NVIDIA  940MX graphics card, performance improvement over the previous generation 29%. In the frame design with micro FHD  at the same time, IPS Full HD screen resolution is as high as 1920*1080, bring a better user experience for users. More texture   Lenovo ideapad  710S Lenovo ideapad  710S has a lightweight minimalist fashion appearance, both strong performance, high for users.相关的主题文章: