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VR NEST: Taiwan standards bosses love E-sports – Sohu technology scoop November 17th news: November 19th Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center Hall A4, NEST finals, must silently pay attention to every ordinary people away from your side". Because these "ordinary people" may be the boss and CEO you’ve been looking for. They are coming, because a game – "NEST2016- choice of virtual reality gaming contest". They will for the first time on stage games. 22 battle, fierce fighting. The 12 bit showdown between the virtual reality industry well-known large coffee show, VR gaming fans to their own charm to the gaming industry influence! For the industry power, cheer for VR gaming contest contestants! They are: to create innovative entertainment, entertainment for bridge grafting and virtual reality choice between science and technology CEO Wu Hao; provide a wealth of innovative computing, graphics processor and immersive VR solutions vice president of global well-known enterprises AMD Greater China market marketing Ji Zhaohui; one of the two major domestic PC manufacturers, sales ranked the top three in China, the world’s top ten brand computer Tongfang VR division general manager Yuan Jixin to the technology of virtual reality; virtual reality immersion oriented peripherals company dedicated to the users to create a more complete and more realistic experience KATVR CEO Pang Chen; focus on the integration of computer and peripheral accessories development The electronic commerce company sales Ningmei Guo department director Wang Yinghua; Chinese Internet service establishments the market share of the first open Internet platform provider network technology VR Department of Commerce Director Li Zheng; he has won numerous awards VR interactive heavyweight shooting game "black shield" game production company ah Hello technology CEO Chen Xiuchao; the contest "VR- real" game company in Beijing photism CEO Zhao Yi; the contest "top gun" game production company, is committed to the networking virtual reality sports cool Weah network technology CEO Cha Bin; the contest "radiation force" game company Zhengzhou photism CEO Zhang Jie; the contest "Survivor" game company bear network technology CEO Hu Si Jinwei; and Chinese VR first game portal 83830 CEO Chen Lianghui. 12 VR large coffee industry gathered in the NEST VR event, the inside and outside of the industry have special significance. The outcome of the results on the gaming is no longer important. The most important is the industry leader with excellent hardware and game content to prove to the public, VR gaming, virtual reality is no longer just a concept. Let us look forward to a large coffee show, and will bring us what kind of new gaming experience. VR gaming as a novel concept in virtual reality industry, it is necessary to combine the game makers of engagement, and will experience the screening of excellent hardware adapter. In the virtual reality industry attracted much attention at the same time, VR gaming once it has received a great attention. The VR gaming contest for the first time with the integration of traditional gaming events, that will give the majority of e-sports game player brings incomparable audio-visual experience, will fully mobilize the traditional gaming game player on virtual reality game curiosity. ]相关的主题文章: